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After Video Fullscreen,clicking on Taskbar leads to Winamp/others being Always on Top

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  • After Video Fullscreen,clicking on Taskbar leads to Winamp/others being Always on Top

    I initally posted this in tech, but it looks much more like a bug report.

    Previous thread :
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    After watching a video in full screen in WA, I can alt-tab or click on the task bar to see another app and it stays behind winamp and any other windows. If I minimize winamp, the problem remains. The best way to get to the hidden window is to show desktop, which seems to reset the ontop order. Leaving even one window open keeps the strangeness happening, where the next window that is remaximized is back 'always on top'

    I don't have "Always on Top" selected anywhere, of course.

    Exact way to replicate:

    Start video
    Make full screen
    Play with OSD , press left or right to shuttle the video a bit
    Double click to turn off full screen

    Now (KEY) - Access something via the Start Menu bar (or alt tab). Perhaps a minimized AIM session or the copy of firefox that you left open - don't click on the window space (if its visible around winamp) but click on its task in the start menu.

    At this point, the focus changes to that app, but winamp stays on top. Changing to another app doesn't solve anything. Even minimizing winamp just makes the next windows down 'on top' --- the only fix is to minimize all the windows, then bring them back up...

    This happens with any Modern skin, but not a Classic skin.

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    Hmm... unless I'm not understanding/following the exact instructions, I can't reproduce this :/

    I've tried with the default Winamp Modern skin and 2 or 3 3rd-party modern skins, both with a clean install of 5.04 (with NO 3rd-party plugins) and another installation which was an upgrade from 2.8x to 2.9x to 5.x.

    Do you have the Video Dominator plugin installed maybe?

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      I'll try a fresh install - rip out plugins and see how it goes.