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"Search" on site doesnt work

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  • "Search" on site doesnt work

    1st of all sorry but this is not a problem with winAmp
    I didnt see any section for a problem with the sites search function

    i wanted to search for a skin but no matter what browser or what keyword i entered. i also tried it a day later but no results for ANYTHING

    i even tried with stuff like
    final fantasy
    wich ususally gives pages of skins...

    -no results

    i have no idea why this isnt working

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    it's broken at the moment (has been for a bit over a week). who knows when it'll be fixed since the people responsible seem to be pretty lazy

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      Actually, it's been borked going back as far as at least a week prior to 03-28-2005. Search database was messed up then too when I posted a reply in another thread at that time.

      And calling the people responsible "pretty lazy" is an understatement, Darren. When small but "crucial" changes can't even be made, and the webmaster can not perform the most perfunctory of duties re: maintaining the site, I don't consider that lazy. I consider it blatantly negligent. For instance, DJ Egg notified them way back on 02-23-2005 that the download page mistakingly states that Lite supports WMA when in fact it doesn't. I notified them too, about a week after that. And it STILL says it does!!! What does it take? 30 seconds tops to make the proper change to that page? And then WE have to deal with it when people come complaining in the forums that their WMA's won't play because they downloaded Lite, due to the fact that it specifically states at the download page that WMA is supported, when it's not.

      @ Geohound-Zalbag...

      You were right. This forum is specifically for Bug Reports with the Winamp application, and has nothing to do with problems at the site (search database or otherwise). But I also see your point when you said that there was no place else to post this. There isn't. Not in the forums anyway. The forums are run and maintained separately from the site. Craig is forums admin and can make changes to/update the forums, but not the site. Wen used to maintain but I'm uncertain if he's still doing so. AOL has dumped most people associated with Nullsoft and has supposedly hired new people, for development and also (although I'm not sure) perhaps for site maintenance as well. But regardless of who the current webmaster is, he/she/they are not doing a terrible job with maintenance -- they aren't doing anything at all, which is even worse. Hell!!! Even my wacky personal site is maintained and updated more than is.
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        MAD props to Nunzio's wacky personal site

        and this does not bode well for the new crew...first impressions are everything.


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          o well guess ill have to BROWSE until i find 1 single skin T_T

          thanks ^^