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Media Library doesn't open anymore...

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  • Media Library doesn't open anymore...

    After installing the Plugin Active library, my media library did not open anymore. I only after uninstalling Winamp, cleaning the registry and deleting the Winamp folder in My Programs and INstalling Winamp again I could make the Media Library work.I had to configure Winamp it the way I had it before, which took me a long while, you know Plug-ins, skins, stuff.

    Now, for some reason the media library stopped working again. I did not installed the Dynamic library. So I don't get it, 1st time ever that i have this problem or any problem with Winamp. So far it was flawless for me. I really don't want to install everything again. What if I have to do it over anf over. I might end up crazy.

    Do you have any idea what might be going on??
    I would appreciate your feed back.


    [EDIT --> Nunzio390]
    This is NOT a valid Winamp Bug and is cross-posted and was already answered here.