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Bugs with WMA plugin in Winamp 5.08e

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  • Bugs with WMA plugin in Winamp 5.08e

    This s a bug report for the following plugin NULLSOFT WMA PLUG-IN V2.04(X86).

    When trying to play back a WMA file I get the following error message: Please select DirectSound output plugin to play Windows Media Content.

    Under v2.03 of the WMA Plugin (supplied with Winamp 5.05) was able to play WMA files without switching to DirectSound. Could you please enable to latest version of the WMA plugin to be compatible with the waveOut output plugin?

    MY PC:
    -Intel Pentium M 1.60 Ghz Laptop
    -DirectX 9.0
    -Winamp 5.08e

    Thanks for your help!

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    The bugs is not in Winamp it is Micro$haft. See the following thread for details and a fix/workaround.
    "wma, direct sound only"
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      Yup, alas it's a forced feature, not a bug.
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      In 5.09 (or whatever the next release version is) you'll be able to use DirectSound and/or WaveOut only to playback WMA, but no DiskWriter types or other 3rd-party output plugins.

      The version of in_wm.dll from Winamp v5.08e is only required if you need support for playback of drm-protected wma's. If your wma files aren't drm-protected, then stick with the version from 5.08d (ie. uncheck support for wma in all future upgrades, thus keeping the existing in_wm.dll), or use the 5.08d downgrader package instead.

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