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jtfe 0.96ff bug on windows xp sp1

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  • jtfe 0.96ff bug on windows xp sp1

    i've tried to search the boards for this specific problem, but the results i've turned up seems to be connected to the DEP feature of win xp sp2 and win 2003.

    after a fresh install, jtfe will work fine, but after random events (such as other software installations, or configuring a multi display setting), it will not work properly.

    short description of the problem:

    when the main windows is highlighted, pressing 'J' once will not launch the jump to file window. however, if the playlist editor is highlighted, it works without a hitch.

    also, jumping to tracks using the '4' and '6' keys will not work if it is the main window that is highlighted.

    i tried installing older versions of jtfe (as per suggestion from the other threads) to no avail. now, i'm not even sure if it's the plugin's fault or winamp itself.

    i've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, and winamp and copying a winamp directory from my other drive (which when booted, runs winamp fine)

    i'm using winxp sp1 on an athlonxp 2500+, msi k7n2 delta ilsr

    hope someone can help. thanks.

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    you aren't by chance running nView on your system are you? if so look at that's the only way i've managed to reproduce the keyboard apparantly 'not working' with jtfe

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      thanks man... worked like a charm ü

      i was in fact using an nvidia card running with forceware v71.84...

      now it got me curious... how come after a fresh install, it works fine? can you give me an idea on what causes this problem?


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        basically the nview software when the option to add nview menu entries is on, the nview software appears to not correctly forward on the relevant messages to winamp and so it effectively breaks it. basically sloppy coding from my view point (since with the nview fix plugin i just do a double send of the message that nview effectively 'swallows' to work around the issue).

        WACUP Project <‖> "Winamp Ramblings" - Indie Winamp Dev Blog