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Crash when clicking "Options" button on video window

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  • Crash when clicking "Options" button on video window

    I searched around but could not find that this had been reported before. I actually have to credit 883 for finding it.

    To recreate this bug:[list=1][*]Make sure there is a video file in your Media Library (I was testing with an AVI file)[*]Double-click the video file from your "Local Media" list[*]Allow the video to finish playing and let Winamp advance to an audio track[*]Reopen the video window if necessary, click the "Options" button on the video window... crash[/list=1]

    When 883 found this bug, he was running 5.07. I was running 5.06 and could NOT recreate the crash so it appears to have been introduced in recent versions. I upgraded to 5.08e and the crash is still there. It does not appear to be skin dependent as it happens in all modern and classic skins.

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    Hmm, I can't reproduce this. Anyone else?
    What's the details of the crash / error message?

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      Hmm, I should mention that when I produce the crash in the default modern skin that I have the video window "detached". The crash itself is not that informative unfortunately.

      I clicked the "Vid_Misc" button on the bottom right, highlighted in the attached file.

      I get this crash on both of my computers, both are XP SP2 and both are running 5.08e now. I do not have any 3rd party plug-in's installed.
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        See where it says "For more information about this error, click here"

        Well, click there and tell us what it says for:

        AppName: winamp.exe | ModName: ? | ModVer: ? | Offset: ?

        (ps. I still can't reproduce it)

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          AppName: winamp.exe
          ModName: in_dshow.dll
          Offset: 00002385

          Attached is the additional debug information that dialog provides, not sure if it's useful to you, however looking through it did remind me that I do indeed had a few 3rd party plug-ins installed. I guess since they are the kind that run in the background, I didn't even think of them.

          Looks like I have Samurize, DFX and something called DiminHotkeys.
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            Does Samurize have a exclude list you can put Winamp in?

            Any other third party Winamp plug-ins you for got to mention? I can not reproduce the issue also. However, the menu from the video options button does not work correctly when the Video Dominator plug-in is enabled. Menu items do not highlight and it does not close properly. I did not notice this until I read your post.

            Video Dominator or not, try disabling your third party Winamp plug-ins. If you can narrow down one of those plug-ins, that will be your "culprit".

            Nunzio390 explains how to temp disable plug-ins for testing purposes. Another way for disabling plug-ins for testing is to use the PluginStarter plug-in manager.
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              It appears that it was the Samurize plug-in that was causing the problem! Thanks for your help guys and sorry for the false alarm.


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                Hope you don't mind me closing this thread...

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