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File remains locked after playing

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  • File remains locked after playing

    Hi. First of all, sorry if this is not a bug or have been comented here before. I've been using search function since one hour ago with no results, so here it is:

    The problem is: the .mp3 files I play (normal standard MP3) remains open with winamp.exe process when stopping playing them or start playing other file (usually pressing 'Return' in a Explorer window)

    I used Sysinternals's procexp.exe software to verify this.

    Well, another problem is: I can't reproduce this issue when I want, and I can't find any reason why this is ocurring sometimes.

    When it happens, the only thing it can be done to unlock the file is 'Close Handle' with procexp.exe or simply quitting Winamp.

    My version 5.08 Dec 22 2004 Classic Skin.

    General Purpose plugin's:
    mp3cue 5.0
    Lyrc Plug-In v0.002 (gen_wamplin.dll)
    Nullsoft Tray Control v0.02
    Nullsoft Global Hotkeys v1.3
    Nullsoft Winamp Library v2.11

    I've removed all Visualization and DSP plugins.

    I use the DirectSound output v2.10.10 (out_ds.dll)

    OS: Win XP:
    Version 5.1(Build 2600.xpsp2.050301-1526 : Service Pack 1)
    Memory; 1 Gb

    Thanks eveybody.

    Edit: Adding System data

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    Sorry, but we cannot reproduce this.

    Bug Reports are only valid for clean installs of the latest version of Winamp with NO 3rd-party plugins.

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