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[non-Winamp] Bug in search option? (Forum)

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  • [non-Winamp] Bug in search option? (Forum)

    Please note that this report is just to make the search script better, usually this will not be used the way I did.

    I found out that the search PHP script seems to bail out 'Server not found' if you use too common search terms.

    When I specify 'winamp' and nothing else as search term, and click on 'Perform Search', I ALWAYS get 'Server not found'.

    I tried 20 times (!) in sequence and got 20 fails. This is not pure luck, I presume.
    winamp build
    gave the same error.

    Can anyone reproduce this?

    Browser IE 5.00.3700.1000
    (don't bitch about the "ancient" version, it is the one shipped with my W2K and I haven't ever had problems with it, so I will keep it).

    Latest Mozilla public stable version does not output 'Server not found' in this case, but will not show the search page, just rotate the hourglass for a while, then die, but stay on the 'Search the Forums' page (the one where the 'Perform Search' button is).


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    Yeah, it does that. Not sure why.
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    Jan 1st, 12AM (PST, GMT -8) 2010 - 282,246


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      Basically because just about every thread contains the word "winamp"
      and therefore the search results would be HUGE,
      not to mention that the search itself would weigh heavily on the server.

      To sum up, it's by design and is expected behaviour, not a bug.

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        Yet I would prefer an error message instead of this behavior.


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          If it really bothers you that much, then report it to the aol/winamp site administrators, and tell them to upgrade the vBulettin software whilst you're at it...

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