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Launching help page causes infinite loop (Mozilla)

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  • Launching help page causes infinite loop (Mozilla)

    And another reproducible bug report from me, but only indirectly Winamp related.

    Has anybody of you guys ever tried to access the Help page of Winamp with MOZILLA ??

    Here it is:

    This is causing an infinite loop on Mozilla for me here, making the site unusable on this browser, as you cannot search for anything.

    (using the latest trunk build from TODAY, also able to confirm on the formerly installed build from Nov 2004)


    PS ah, does not cause infinite loop with IE but outputs error:
    Line: 222
    Character: 3
    Error: Automation server cannot create object
    Code: 0
    ... and Contents are not viewable.
    Sorry guys, if it is *absolutely* necessary to install something on my PC to view this, I will do without.
    Yes, my security settings are quite high. And I want them to stay that way.

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    To be perfectly honest with you, I don't think I've ever been able to reproduce any of your bug reports :/

    The Help page loads fine in (Mozilla) Firefox, though I don't use THE Mozilla browser. It does struggle a bit with some of the javascript, but there's certainly no loopbacks, and all the links work fine and are readable.

    There are absolutely no problems whatsoever in IE for me.
    The Help page loads perfectly.
    The kind of error you are getting is usually associated with a badly configured Script Blocking app.

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