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Post All Winamp 5.11 Core Bug Reports In This Thread

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  • Post All Winamp 5.11 Core Bug Reports In This Thread

    Report ALL Winamp 5.111 bugs in THIS thread
    EXCEPT for any bugs that have to do with the Plugins INCLUDED with Winamp 5.111

    Provide the Following Information with every Report,
    and with every CONFIRMATION of someone else's report:

    -Winamp 5.111 - clean install
    -System specs (mobo, cpu, ram)
    -Windows OS, including Service Packs
    -Video Card, Video Card Drivers version
    -Sound Card, Sound Card Drivers version
    -DirectX version (start > run > dxdiag)
    -Detailed step-by-step method of reproduction (eg. numbered list)

    Plus confirmation that the bug exists with NO 3rd-party plugins installed,
    and whether the bug occurs with the default modern and/or classic skin
    (3rd-party plugins & skins are NOT supported here).

    If applicable, send us Error Logs and/or FULL Error Messages.

    The more information you provide US, the faster we can or will help you.
    eg. the format/extension of the filetypes you are loading/playing;
    a link to a zipped sample of a particular problem file, etc.
    an attached HJT log to show concurrently running processes and startup items, etc.

    Also, be sure to read other stickys first, especially:
    Known Winamp 5.0x Bugs
    Fixed Winamp 5.0x Bugs
    How to write a useful bug report

    *All versions of Winamp 5.11 not downloaded from the Nullsoft server are not supported

    Do NOT post requests for Technical Support in the Bug Reports forum.

    This thread is not a discussion thread. Post the reproducable bug and that is it!

    Incomplete reports/useless posts will be deleted (you have been warned)


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  • #2
    A little bug report in bad english.

    Today i install Winamp 5.11 an two different computer on my work(clean install!).
    If i play any stream from Shoutcast for longer than * hours the winamp.exe crash.

    -Winamp 5.11 - clean install

    -System specs (mobo, cpu, ram)
    P-III, 256mb and 128mb, any mobo

    -Windows OS, including Service Packs
    Windows 2000

    -Video Card, Video Card Drivers version
    An old Geforce and an "dont know"

    -Sound Card, Sound Card Drivers version
    On Board sound/Soundblaster(the old one)

    -DirectX version (start > run > dxdiag)
    The latest version vom MS, i think it's DX9.0c.

    -Detailed step-by-step method of reproduction (eg. numbered list)
    Start Winamp, select any Shoutcast Stream, and wait.

    PS: There is no problem with Winamp < 5.11

    [Edit --> DJ Egg]
    Sorry, but we can't reproduce this :/
    What's the details of the crash? Any error messages?
    Is the Station Info browser open at the time?
    Can you provide us with a specific station url which crashes?


    • #3
      Winamp crashes a lot since version 5.11.

      After extensive research to isolate the bug, this is what I found:

      The equalizer automatic processing function causes Winamp to crash when the default setting/auto-load preset is something else than the standard setting (standard = all sliders at center position) and the song changes from a non-mp3 type to another song (which can be either non-mp3 or mp3). The first non-mp3 song is played fine, but as soon as the song ends or you skip it, winamp crashes. I tested with .wav, .ogg, .mpg and .flac. Mp3 does everything fine.
      When the auto-load preset or the default setting is the same as the standard setting, nothing happens.

      The output plugin or any other installed plugin does not have anything to do with this. I tested it with clean install of winamp full and winamp lite, with the default classic skin and with a modern skin and with all kinds of different settings for winamp and the directsound output plugin. I also tried adding plugin for plugin to the plugin folder to see if it would have any effect, but it didn't. It's solely the eq automatic processing function.

      Another thing I came across when I systematically added the plugins back to the plugin folder, was that gen_ml.dll and in_cdda.dll both make winamp start up very slowly. (Checking "do not load media library at start-up" does not have any effect)

      My specs:
      - Winamp 5.11 clean install (I tried both lite and full)
      - Pentium IV 2.4GHz, 512MB RAM and a Asus P4S8X mobo
      - Windows XP Home SP2
      - Asus GeForce MX 440 64MB video card, driver: nv4_disp.dll, version 6.14.0010.4403
      - C-Media CMI8738 sound card, driver: cmaudio.sys, version 5.12.0001.0643
      - DirectX 9.0c

      I hope this is all I need to let you know.

      [AutoLoad EQ Preset Bug Confirmed --> Egg / Benski]


      • #4
        -Winamp 5.11 - clean install
        -System specs: ABIT KX7, AMD Athlon XP 2100+, 512 MiB DDR)
        -Windows XP, SP2
        -Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900, ForceWare
        -Sound Card: Creative Audigy
        -DirectX version: 9.0c

        Open 2 or more songs in Winamp. Remove all songs from playlist. Press "Next Track".

        Winamp will now stop responding.

        Pressing "Previous Track" doesn't cause this problem.

        This happened both in Winamp 5.1 and 5.11

        [Edit --> DJ Egg]
        Nope. I can't reproduce this. Anyone else?
        [Edit #2 --> see below]


        • #5
          Nope. I can't reproduce this. Anyone else?

          A few problems it seems.

          AppName: winamp.exe | AppVer: | ModName: winamp.exe | ModVer: | Offset: 0003340a, and Offset: 00033159, and Offset: 00034b05 [edit] Offset: 0003359f



          • #6
            Reproduced on a clean install
            1. Using classic skin, Repeat Off, Shuffle Off
            2. While playing a file delete playlist
            3. press next track
            Winamp crashes with error message (WinXP) posted by UJ

            [Edit --> DJ Egg]
            Let us know if it still happens with 5.111, because I still can't reproduce it.

            [Edit #2]
            Benski says he reproduced and fixed it. Heh.

            [Edit #3 > JonnyMac] Just confirming the empty playlist bug has been fixed in WA 5.111 | In other words, I could not reproduce it
            Please do not PM me for tech support. Any request for tech support through PM will be ignored.
            Read the Stickies
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              Crash on 'Next' when playing AVIs (similar to UJ)

              tried with overwrite and clean installs of 5.11
              MSI K7N2 Delta/XP 2500+/1GB Corsair DDR/Radeon9200SE-T 128
              On board nVidia nForce2 sound AND SB Live! 5.1
              (no conflicts, all up to date drivers)
              WinXP Pro SP2
              DirectX 9.0c

              Reproduction: (classic mode, default skin)
              1. In the playlist window, press INS to access "load directory"
              2. Load directory with AVIs. (I used FMA collection)
              3. Play a file. (Random and Repeat are irrelevant here)
              4. Press NEXT to play next file in playlist.

              At this point I got an error message, even after several attempts and trying to tweak my settings. None of the changes I made resolved the issue. Reverting to the 5.10 core did solve my problem though, so I can be quite sure its not a 3rd party plug-in issue (plugins on or off, installed and not installed, made no difference).

              [Edit --> DJ Egg]
              Known 5.11-specific bugs
              Are you using autoload EQ presets / is the Auto button "on" in the EQ?