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2.72 does not exit completely

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  • 2.72 does not exit completely

    Using win98SE. Clean install of winamp 2.72, it runs, then when I close the program, I see by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete that it is still running in the background, and this "Close Program" window is the only way I can completely close it.
    If I don't do this, and try to open Winamp again, it won't open properly of course. Is this a new misbehaviour?

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    Bardolph -

    First, I will assume that when you check the Close Program window, it indicates that winamp is running, not winampa ...

    Often, this kind of behavior is caused by a third-party plugin that is poorly-written and does not close properly when you try to exit Winamp. Did you install any plugins about the same time you upgraded to v2.72, or did you change any plugin configurations about that time?

    You might try this: Close Winamp and then go to your Plugins folder and temporarily disable all General Purpose plugins, any Visualization and DSP/Effect plugins that you normally have selected, and any Input and Output plugins, other than the usual default plugins that are included with the basic Winamp installation. The simplest way to disable them is to add a fake extension to the DLL file for each of those plugins. For example, rename gen_xxxx.dll to gen_xxxx.dll.old ...

    Now, re-open Winamp and then try to close it again, and see if you still have the same problem. If not, change each of the disabled plugins back to its original name, one at a time, while opening and closing Winamp between each attempt. When the problem resurfaces, the last plugin enabled is probably to blame for your problem.

    If you need more details, or if this doesn't apply or doesn't solve your problem, please post again and include as many of your system specs as you can think of. (I have Winamp 2.72 on my Windows 98se system and it works flawlessly).


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      Ya it skips too.


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        You say 2.72 works well. Was that a "clean" install?

        I ask because I am currently using (running very well) the version of winamp that came with Netscape 4.7.

        Earlier I attempted to install 2.70 and it completely screwed up my system (win 98 2Ed, 450 MHz Athlon).

        Many thanks.


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          mwagner2 -

          I always install the latest version of Winamp "on top" of the previous version, so my v2.72 was installed over v2.71. I always use the default directories for Winamp, Plugins, Skins, etc.

          If your attempt to install v2.70 occurred after the Netscape installation, your problem may be due to how/where Netscape installed Winamp. For example, CDs containing Netscape + Winamp are set up to install Winamp in a non-standard directory, not the normal C:\Program Files\Winamp.

          If your existing version of Winamp is working fine, you might not want to bother changing, or you might want to just wait for a beta or later release of Winamp 3. But if you are interested in upgrading to Winamp 2.72, this is what I would do: First, make a backup copy of your Skins and Plugins folders. Then uninstall Winamp using Add/Remove Programs. Run a search of your hard drive for any Winamp files and delete any that you find.

          Now, download Winamp 2.72 from this site and install it (preferably to the default directory). You can then copy your skins to the new Skins folder, and copy your third-party plugins to the Plugins folder, and everything should work fine.

          If you need more details or have other questions, just post a reply.


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            I have a similar problem.

            When i try ot open Winamp, it doesnt fully open, when i hit ctrl-alt-del i get that it is running in the background (as many songs as i wanted to hear is how many times it appears) but it doesn absolutly nothing. any Help/Suggestions

            just a side question, whats the difference between junior member and a regular "member"


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              The different member stati depend on how many times the member has posted. I believe I became a regular member after the 30th post.


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                Hmm . . . did you post that comment in the correct thread, or was it intended for another?
                It doesn't bear much relevance here !


                Anyway peeps . . .
                The answers to all your problems . . .
                Uninstall (via Add/Remove Programs) -> Reinstall.

                If you want to install an older version :

                If there's no Winamp (remove only) entry in Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.
                First, check Netscape prefs to see if there's a relevant option.
                If not :
                Start -> Run -> type:
                C:\\Winamp.exe /uninstall
                where "" = the dir that Winamp resides in, eg.
                C:\Program Files\Netscape\Winamp\Winamp.exe /uninstall

                Be sure to follow Rev Ike's instructions on backing up any extra skins & plugins first.

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