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    A tiny bug in the little "Add URL" window, accessible via the statusbar of the playlist editor:

    When the URL history is empty and you try to roll down the empty history, the little window becomes frozen. The "open" and "cancel" buttons and the standard close button do not work anymore. You first have to "deactivate" the roll down menu again to let them work again. I must mention this small bug was present before 5.111 also.

    - Winamp 5.111 clean install
    - Pentium IV 2.4GHz, 512MB RAM and an Asus P4S8X mobo
    - Windows XP Home SP2
    - Asus GeForce MX 440 64MB video card, driver: nv4_disp.dll, version 6.14.0010.4403
    - C-Media CMI8738 sound card, driver: cmaudio.sys, version 5.12.0001.0643
    - DirectX 9.0c

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    Minor bug

    When Installing Winamp 5.112 (Been happening since the last 3 version) the "What's new" shorcut is not valid. I get this:

    [Edit --> DJ Egg]
    Thanks. Fixed for 5.12
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      I get the same problem in FrancoisC. It's happened since 5.111 I think.


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        Yep, looks like the link to whatsnew.txt is missing the .lnk extension.

        See for yourself: right-click and rename it to What's New.lnk


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          Yep, that sorts it.


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            WinAmp 5.112 with DFX 7.2 Install and run error

            -Winamp 5.112 - pre-install initiated DFX 7.2 15 times
            -System specs (WIN 2000 prof.)
            -Windows OS, WIN 200 Prof. Service Pack 4

            Error #1
            Run WinAmp Install program after download.
            Initiates DFX 7.2 numerous times

            Error #2
            Select multiple mp3 files in Windows Explorer
            Right-click and choose play in Winamp
            Initiates DFX 7.2, for every mp3 chosen (i.e., if you choose 6 songs, 6 instances of DFX 7.2 are created).


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              DFX as in the 3rd-party commercial dsp plugin?
              Sorry, but 3rd-party plugins aren't supported here.
              I know I can't reproduce the problem with any of the (free) dsp plugins that I use (eg. Jammix Enhancer, Enhancer, Wow! Thing, etc).

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                Winamp Agent Initialization

                I have the Winamp Agent appear on my bar everytime I restart Windows (XP SP2).

                If you by any chance double click it in order to start winamp, the loader starts but the second click seems to send a signal to open the program (which obviously is not iniatilized yet). The resulting error is shown in the image.

                You can indeed click only once, patiently wait for Mike (Llama) to go away and reopen the player. However, double clicking shouldn't cause it to crash.

                [Edit --> DJ Egg]
                Can't reproduce. Anyone else? When I double click the agent icon, it just opens two instances of Winamp... which it probably shouldn't... but no error messages or anything. Please confirm a clean install with no 3rd-party plugins.

                [Edit #2 --> DJ Egg]
                Okay, I've managed to reproduce it now. Allow Multiple Instances needs to be unchecked in General Prefs to reproduce the bug. And yes, as ujay says below, simply clicking/disabling the splash screen is the workaround, for now. Also note that I still didn't get any error messages like yours, so maybe that error is 3rd-party plugin related? All that happens for me is the splashscreen freezes/stays on screen and winamp doesn't load (until I click on the splashscreen to make it go away).

                [Edit #3 --> DJ Egg]
                Bug has been fixed in latest internal (splashscreen is now non-blocking)
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                  ^ Confirmed ^

                  For the time being :

                  Either click on the spash screen

                  Or Prefs > Gen Prefs > untick 'Show splash screen'