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Winamp 5.3 crashes when closing after playing a disc

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  • Winamp 5.3 crashes when closing after playing a disc

    I've seen this in previous versions but not the last one I was using before 5.3. Every time I close Winamp after I had played a disc (even if the last thing I played was an mp3 or stream), I get an illegal operation error.
    WINAMP caused an invalid page fault in
    module <unknown> at 0000:012f3a60.
    EAX=00000001 CS=018f EIP=012f3a60 EFLGS=00210206
    EBX=00000000 SS=0197 ESP=0075c720 EBP=0075c780
    ECX=7c343067 DS=0197 ESI=00fb2218 FS=1c7f
    EDX=00546af0 ES=0197 EDI=00ba5950 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:

    Stack dump:
    00f7d078 00546af0 00000000 00000000 0075c770 00f7f538 00000000 00f7f78a 00fb2218 00f7ef5d 00f7f020 00f70000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00f70000
    If I had only been playing a stream or file it doesn't do this, it closes normally.

    Win98se, AthlonXP2500+, 512MB RAM

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    Yup. We recently discovered this bug a day or so ago (on all OS'es), and it's already been fixed internally. Thanks.

    Note, on WinXP, the error message is:

    Winamp has caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
    in module winamp.exe at 001b:074e3a60

    (the last octet can vary slightly)

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