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ML not ordering the songs properly

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  • ML not ordering the songs properly

    When you click on the track column header on the ML your songs sort out by their track number no matter what cd/artist they belong to right?. So if you then clicked in year in a pre-5.32 version it would order the songs by year and the songs that have the same year would be ordered by track number, which was nice.

    Now when I click in year they are just reordered by year but with all songs unsorted by track.
    If you click on album they get ordered by track properly, but I like using year instead.

    In running winXP SP2, Winamp pro 5.32 the one available for download at the main page. An nvidia Geforce6200, sound blaster live!, a crappy biostar KM400a-8235 board, an AMD Duron turbo3200+ running at 1.6ghz, 1gb ram. directx9.

    It be waiting for a reply

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      Winamp only sorts on the currently selected column and the previous sorts are not taken into account. Expected functionality.

      if you would like to see some different sorting method implemented, that is a then a feature request.
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        Yes this bug has been annoying the hell out of me as well. It doesnt affect pre-5.32 versions.

        In the media library,
        first click the "track title" column,
        then click the "artist" column,

        Expected behaviour:
        The media library is sorted with artist as first priority and track title as second priority (e.g., all tracks with matching artist will be sorted by track title). You should be able to define the sorting priority of every column.

        Actual behaviour:
        Only the most recently clicked column is taken into consideration, and everything else is randomized. In the example stated, the songs would be sorted by artist, but the track titles would be randomly distributed.

        PLEASE fix this bug.

        Also, in winamp preferences, I have enabled "sort files by name when loading multiple files" but this only takes effect when you open files from windows explorer, not from the winamp media library. Way to break winamp fellas.


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          I would also like to bring this to attention, since I was able to sort the media library by year, without having the track numbers randomised pre-5.32. I wouldn't consider it a feature request, since it used to work that way in previous versions.


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            Already fixed for 5.33
            Disc # was added in 5.32 and that threw out the column sorting logic.

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              when will 5.33 be available? for the moment i downgraded to 5.2...


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                when it's ready

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                  Could we get a patched gen_ml maybe? That would make my day.


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                    wouldn't be of any use to you since the issue is not in gen_ml (is just a loader dll) but is in ml_local and with the other changes going on in that it wouldn't be safe to give you a new build until other changes are fixed (well that's how i'd go with it from a developers viewpoint)

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                      I think you'd be suprised at how willing people are to run "beta" code if it means not having to deal with annoying bugs or wait until the next ver came out. Or if you have a developer only preview (or daily/weekly build? like many other software products use) I'd be interested in that (is there??)

                      Nothing personal, but I've seen annoying, NOTICABLE new bugs with every incremental release from 5.23 to 5.32. Releasing an ml_local that just fixes that bit of logic would NOT be too much to ask. Do I really have to look at my music in random order? I might as well go back to iTunes. Psh.

                      Once again, nothing personal, just speaking from a technical feesibility standpoint as well as from the POV of an avid user.


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                        Well, it's good to know it was fixed in 5.33, now its just a matter of waiting in annoyance.

                        By the way, thanks to the other members that helped me bring this annoying thing into attention.


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                            Necromance apology. Also brevity apology, typed this out then it got deleted.

                            Similar issue: 3 pane ML, artist album composer. Select a composer option, lots of different artist/albums in list. Sort by track number works. Sort by album works, but after the user-selected sort the secondary & tertiary sort columns are inbuilt defaults, artist & track number.

                            As you can see with the Session Victim EP this means track numbers are out of order for albums with multiple artists as it sorts by artist first.

                            Any way this could be fixed / feature requested to remember the last 3 (or more) user sorts and use those in reverse chronological order?



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                              ur gonna have to ask DrO at WACUP. winamp is dead at least for now.

                              multi column sorting has long been on the wishlist.
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