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"Burner releasing failed" in 5.35(x86)

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  • "Burner releasing failed" in 5.35(x86)

    This bug is a strange one, because it doesn't result in a problem, but rather makes you think there is one, as it tells you that the burn has failed when it hasn't.

    When I burn a CD, whether the source is mp3s on disk or a ripped CD, it gets all the way to the very end of the process (100% finished burning the last track) and then throws up a "Nullsoft Burner Error" message that says "Burner releasing failed". Under that it says

    Library error: process successfully completed (or words very close to that)
    Drive error: (something I can't remember, but it doesn't indicate a problem)

    Admittedly, this isn't the worst bug in the world since the burns said to have failed actually are good, but it could easily cause people to throw away lots of good discs if they don't think to check them and just believe the error message.

    By the way, the winamp app itself also states "status: burn failed" or words to that effect in the frame of the media library window.

    This is on XP (home), SP1, 1 GB RAM, a well tuned and clean system.

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    I'm also getting this error.

    Windows Vista Ult SP1 (UAC enabled)
    Winamp 5.53 Pro
    Pioneer DVR-115D