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1. Unicode playlist entries bug, and 2. Crash on MS Powerpoint 2007

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  • 1. Unicode playlist entries bug, and 2. Crash on MS Powerpoint 2007

    There are 2 bugs that I'found in winamp v5.35.

    1) Every time I want to remove duplicate entries within my playlist, unicode file playlist entries paths got altered so that they can't be played..
    1. Play any unicode files (in my case it's in Japanese filename), make it double entry
    2. Try to remove duplicate entries within playlist editor
    3. Unicode playlist entries got altered with strange character so it can't be played.
    4. You'll get annoyed by the process of entering the playlist again
    I use winamp as my default media player, so it's kinda annoying that this kind of bug exist, since my files consist of unicode filename in a large number)

    2) And it seems Winamp make my MS Powerpoint 2007 crash when I want to edit opened powerpoint files...
    1. Run Winamp
    2. Open a powerpoint file
    3. Try to edit it
    4. Crash in Powerpoint
    But, if I open powerpoint prior to Running Winamp, it doesn't crash, although if I open a file in new window, the problem occur again...

    System Information:

    Acer Power FG
    Windows XP Professional x64 Editon (5.2.3790)
    Intel Pentium 4 3.06 GHz
    Memory 768 MB RAM
    Video Card : Intel 915GV Express Chipset Family
    Sound Card : Built In Realtek HD
    Motherboard : ACER915GVM

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