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Dissapearing Winamp main window

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  • Dissapearing Winamp main window

    Winamp 5.51
    Clean install, no 3rd-party skins or plugins
    Language Pack: None (default English US)
    Skin: Bug occurs with Classic skins

    OS: Windows XP sp2 (autopatched to Aug07)
    Locale: English US
    CPU: Athlon 64 4000+
    Memory: 2GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA 8600GT (drivers 163.44)
    Sound: Integrated Soundmax
    DirectX v9.0c

    Only the main Winamp window dissappears

    Method of Reproduction:
    This is very random, the main Winamp window doesnt show up when clicked on; the library and playlist donot get affected by this. Am not using any skin, just the Winamp Classic. This doesnt seem to happen with Bento skins only with classic skin.

    Minimizing and then Maximizing fixes this.

    I think this started to occur after winamp introduced Bento skins as far as I recall, becoz before that it was perfect. but I cant be too sure. Also Winamp appears to refresh the window much slower than afore these new skins came into being....this bug is perhaps related.
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    Alas, we can't reproduce this.
    You're going to need to come up with a better, more exact method of reproduction.

    How are you opening Winamp?
    What state was it in when you closed it previously?
    eg. was it minimized to the system tray, or minimized to the taskbar, etc?

    What do you mean by "when clicked on"?

    Please also zip & attach both your List Of Plugins and HijackThis logs:

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      I think that I have reproduced this

      @ nikrusty
      By "when clicked on", do you mean right click Winamp Taskbar button > Winamp > Main Window?

      So the main/player window is minimized and using the above steps does not restore the window?

      Is nVidia's nView enabled? For me nView disables Winamp's window items in the context (right click) menu of the taskbar button.
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        Hi all thank you for replying so quick. Let me make myself clear.

        I don't use any system tray minimize fancy stuff, just plain minimize to Windows Taskbar always!
        I'll tell you as exact as I can...
        Listening to music i generally minimize Winamp in classic mode to Windows Taskbar. I generally control Winamp from built-in Hotkey, but in classic mode I dont get song information popping up unlike Bento skins. So I open winamp to check my songs or change them, this is when RANDOMLY Winamp Main Window disappears only. I generally have my playlist as well as Library open which doesnt disappear. So i have to minimize either Winamp and maximize it or just minimize other window behind which it appears to be hiding it.

        Now I know what you are thinking,no I dont have any other application thats running in "Always on Top" mode or anything so there cannot be any application hiding Winamp. I generally have Firefox, Office and several Explorer windows open during normal usage.

        Also note...this doesnt happen if Winamp is the only program that is maximized. It happens only when other applications are running MAXIMIZED and then I switch to Winamp and there RANDOMLY main window goes missing. I first thought this is skin issue...but Bento skins dont get affected by this behavior at me I've tested a lot of times with Bento skins, with classic mode winamp invariably plays hide-n-seek.

        AS for JonnyMAc...I checked nvidia nView is NOT enabled. And no I don't Right-click winamp to Maximize it...that would be plain silly...such a long process. Yes after you mentioned it...only then I did realize I can switch off main window of winamp by this method. Neat it almost looks like the "bug" can be reproduced which is clearly not the case here.


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          You have Winamp Minimized and sometimes when you restore Winamp the main/player window does not appear. Is that what you are saying? Also, what do you mean by "when clicked on"? What are you clicking on?
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            I assumed it was the taskbar icon (click to minimize/restore)...?
            However, I can't reproduce the problem.
            Though my graphics card is an ATI, not nVidia.

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              &quot;Clicked on&quot; meaning

              Originally posted by JonnyMac
              You have Winamp Minimized and sometimes when you restore Winamp the main/player window does not appear. Is that what you are saying? Also, what do you mean by “when clicked on”? What are you clicking on?
              Yes that is exactly what I'm saying! When "clicked on" meaning in reference to hitting the Winamp window which is currently sitting in the Windows Taskbar.

              You know what I'll do...Next time this random disappearing act happens, I'll check whether Winamp Main Window is switched off by itself by right-clicking winamp window | Winamp |Main Window. Maybe that'll give us some insight or this may be only related to my PC...whatever will see!


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                Now that I have a better understand of what
                nikrusty is saying, I realize it is not the nView issue as described in the earlier reply.

                Also, I am unable to reproduce the issue as nikrusty has stated.
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                  Look what else is dissapearing

                  Hi all,

                  Lookie what I found...I noticed even Media Library hadn't noticed that before.

                  Yes there is a screenshot....have a look...u can clearly see media library and main winamp window hiding behind a normal Windows Explorer window and yes classic skin is on. No other plugins were loaded except Cubicle Clinet Jukebox that controls winamp over network...this was just loaded by me and wasnt there before.

                  I cannot consciously reproduce this...but keep my eye out for it and quickly take screenshots. Its a very random thing.
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                    There is no more information I can add to this except for one important point:
                    I have EXACTLY the same thing happening too.
                    It is when I have minimized winamp/playlist&EQ windows by using the minimize button on the top right of the main window (classic skin).
                    If I then later click the systray icon to make winamp appear again (with playlist and EQ too as I always have the three together) then quite often what is happening is that the playlist and EQ are appearing but not the main window.
                    sometimes however it turns out that the main window has just remained behind whatever is open in front....the browser (Firefox or IE) or some application. Yet, I have winamp set to be Always on top.
                    Apparently it isn't 'always'!
                    Let me be clear though - a lot of the time therte really is just NO main window, not behind anything, just apparently disappeared completely! all I can get to appear by clicking the tray icon is the rest of winamp (Playlist & EQ). In this case I end up having to rightclick the tray icon and make the windows appear andf disappear randomly until, at last, when I tick the Main Window it appears. then it is back to normal.
                    I have an ATI card.


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                      More evidence

                      Thanks FaeGiN for the support (which I'm sure you dint want to consciously, now I know I'm not crazy!! Alright here is more evidence of Winamp clearly playing hide-n-seek.

                      This happens when there is a window other than winamp that isn't maximized fully to fill the screen in the has to be smaller than the desktop resolution.

                      Also like I had promised before...when the main hiding problem occurs, I right-clicked the Winamp Taskbar button > Winamp > Main Window to check whether it was wasn't. It clearly showed as main window ticked.

                      And FaeGiN thanks again for clearing this up, that Always on Top mode doesnt help in Classic Skin either which I was going to try.

                      I seriously think some coding issue exists with Classic Skin's main window hiding behind another window, but cannot for the life of me understand what would make it do so. Computers don't make mistakes they say!

                      In any case I don't think this is going to be anyone's priority as its so small an issue (+ is hard to reproduce), also most must be using new skins...I wonder if there is a classic skin in the new skins...I love the familiarity of classic skin therefore I ask.

                      ????Hey the option to upload pic has disappeared???


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                        More evidence Pic

                        I dont know why the pic dint upload last time!!! Anycase here it is!
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                          any updates with this? i m using 5.22 and the same problem happened too. It's a system tray problem, if u only use the taskbar mode then it wont happen. Would appreciate if the developer can fix this bug.

                          I can generate this bug anytime i want which is sad. I will do a video on this.


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                            Here is the link to the video. It's .mov.

                            If you have any more questions, pls let me know.

                            ?? why isnt the link showing up?!


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