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  • bug

    since i download the last version 2.74 i have many problems, now, when i mark in window explorer more than 2 files and press enter, many winamp is open each for each file and allow multple instance is not chequed.
    other thing, the extension is already register for winamp in window explor (window 2000), but the icon is not recognozid, so it show like a win system without any of the winamp ico
    what can i do???

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    Not a bug. Fix it by making enqueue the default action, or just never try and add 2 files from explorer at the same time.


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      Winamp 2.75 Full - 2.1MB
      Winamp 2.75 Lite - 486k
      Winamp 2.75 Standard - 909k
      Winamp 2.75 Full + Weezer wma/skin - 3.6MB


      * avs 2.4.9 (interface improvements, speedups, new dynamic movement effect)
      * made skin installing do better renaming (removes [1], etc)
      * some new sample avs presets (thanks to Zen-X and Marco Muraca, Frank Nagel)
      * MASSIVELY optimized directory scanning and removed multi-add bugs
      * fixes to in_mod and in_midi.
      * fixed some NT/2K uninstall issues.
      * updated winamp agent with full color icon
      * temporarily removed in_asfs from full distribution (security issue)

      Your other problem with icons seems more Windows or videocard driver related?
      Winamp Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> FileTypes
      Try unchecking "register files on winamp startup"
      Select your preferred icon/s (media files & playlists)
      Close Prefs & exit Winamp
      Reopen Winamp

      Is the problem still there?
      If so, goto : Windows Folder Options -> File Types tab
      Scroll down for "Winamp Media File" -> Edit -> change icon
      Repeat for "Winamp Playlist file" (if applicable)

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        Ta, hope it doesn't do it anymore - was so used to clicking enqueue on massive directory and kept forgetting it would open a ton of winamps...
        lights out for darker skies # boinc team # tms


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          thx you DJEgg for answear me
          1) the problem comes when i decide to reinstall winamp, 2.74, uninstaling the last 2.73 first, it s seem like realplayer get the extension of mp3
          another thing, if i custumize enqueu like default action, theres no problem but before this instalation, when i marck in explorer more than 1 file never open more than one winamp
          and the problem with the icons is strange, the others files extension are already register and work fine, like mp3 extension, but theres no ico for mp3, i tried to do what you said but theres no way, i not understand what i supose to when you say "Is the problem still there?
          If so, goto : Windows Folder Options -> File Types tab
          Scroll down for "Winamp Media File" -> Edit -> change icon
          Repeat for "Winamp Playlist file" (if applicable)
          but i must say to you that i try everything, deleting mp3 extension and placing again, change ico, but not succes
          thx in advance


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            Hmmmm . . . not sure if I understand you properly . . . sorry!

            Do you want to associate MP3 with Winamp? (or is it already?)
            Winamp Prefs -> FileTypes : select MP3 (+ any other ext's of your choice)
            The icon should then be taken care of automatically.

            If not, goto Windows Folder Options -> File Types tab (as in my above post)
            This is usually accessible via Start button -> Settings -> Folder Options
            Or any Explorer window (My Computer) -> View/Tools menu (depending on what version of Windows you have) -> Folder Options
            Scroll down for Winamp Media File.
            This entry should now contain all the extensions you associated with Winamp in Prefs, including MP3. To make sure the correct icon is assigned, hi-lite this entry -> click "edit" (this will be c/o "Advanced" button in WinME") -> click "change icon" button -> click "okay".

            If your problem is something to do with RealPlayer, check here:

            [RE: "Problems with RealPlayer" section]

            btw, there's no need to uninstall the previous version b4 installing a new version.
            Just install straight over the existing one.
            This way you won't lose any of your settings/prefs/etc.

            Did you install 2.75 yet?
            Has it fixed your "Enqueue" problem?

            If you still can't fix the icon problem, post the following details here:
            Rt click on any MP3 in an Explorer dir & tell me:
            1. What commands are listed at the top of the list (eg. Play in Winamp)
            2. What the "File Description" (type) is when you click "Properties"
            (eg. MP3 File, or Winamp Media File, etc.)

            Bear in mind that this could simply be a Windows or Videocard driver related problem, and nothing to do with Winamp whatsoever ?!?!

            In the likely event that we're experiencing some kind of language barrier/communication breakdown problem here, maybe you'd be wiser to post in your native language in the Winamp World Domination forum instead of here, 'cos basically, I'm a little bit confused!
            If you do, then make sure you post a link to this thread in the new one, just for reference's sake. Hopefully then someone will be able to help you better in your own language?

            Good luck!

            [Edited by DJEgg on 05-03-2001 at 04:23 PM]

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              dj egg

              thx again
              look, sorry for my english, ill try to be clear.

              1) i install the new winamp 2.75
              2) the first line doing rt click is "enqueue in winamp", i know that you ask coz you re not sure what i m doing, but yes, i did the change that you recomed to me, but i tell you 2 thing, a) before that i unisntall, never i see 2 winamp open at the same time for more than 2 years even whitplay as a default action, and b)i did the change ("enqueue in winamp" as default action from winamp and from window too) and still, when i check 2 or more mp3 files, theres open the same numer of files i ve chequed
              3) the problem with the icons: i dont have any problems concern to video card or memory or something similar on my pc, the same thing happend to wav estension and midi, but not with others. when i check in folder option theres many estension already whit the icon i configured from winamp, i did change the icon and recheck from folder option and the icon change, but not take efect to those files i d mention

              ** i think know is more clered, the ico problem is not the worst, you know but sometimes i forget and open many players at the same time and take me 30 min to close all

              thx you to match
              pablo cristian insua
              buenos aires argentina


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                one more bug, not any more radio .xpl. its seems like gonna play but never run, just stop at the first sigth, and i dont receive any mess, just nothing happ, the green ligth turn to red speedly


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                  From what I can tell, you've got the RealPlayer8 related problem that I mentioned above (with .xpl files, etc).

                  Check these out:
                  RealPlayer has converted PLS and M3U Playlists to XPL format
                  Mugged by RealPlayer
                  Help! - RealPlayer is still screwing me
                  Guaranteed fix :
                  Further help :

                  I've also posted a request in the Winamp World Domination forum to try & get someone else to help you. Do you speak Spanish? Or is it actually Argentinian? (sorry, pardon my ignorance on this matter)

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                    you didnt see my other previus replied (post 4)???


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                      Yes, I've seen it, but I'm having problems understanding! Sorry!
                      Go here : (new thread I've created for you in the Winamp World Domination forum) and submit the problem/request for help in your own language (Spanish?)

                      Basically, Winamp doesn't support the xpl playlist format, only RealPlayer does!

                      I've provided you with as many relevant links as possible above and have probably already given you all the information you need. If you don't fully understand my words, goto the new thread in the World Domination forum and ask someone to try translate everything into Spanish.

                      Good luck!

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                        hi again, hear to me just a thing
                        the problem that open several winamp when i check multiple files from win explorer could come with the conf. from folder option
                        i ll give you what i have then in advance on mp3 file

                        1) Enqueue: "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" /ADD "%1"
                        2) ListBookmark:"C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" /BOOKMARK "%1"
                        3) Open: "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" "%1"
                        4) Play: "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" "%1"

                        tell me if that conf are good
                        thx you


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                          Yes, they are all correct.

                          Is this what is listed under "mp3 file" entry or "Winamp Media File" entry?

                          Which one of these is the default action? (bold type)
                          If you checkmarked "Enqueue as default action" in Winamp Prefs -> FileTypes, then "Enqueue in Winamp" should be in bold type (default action) under the entry in Folder Options too.
                          You can set this by hi-lighting the action & clicking "Set default".

                          However, if you've made Winamp your default mp3 player (by selecting mp3 in Winamp Prefs -> FileTypes), mp3 should now be listed under the "Winamp Media File" entry, not "mp3 file".

                          It's highly likely that the "mp3 file" entry was created by RealPlayer and could well be causing conflicts.
                          Check to see if mp3 is listed under "Winamp Media File". If it is, then remove the "mp3 file" entry.

                          Another method of opening multiple files in Winamp:
                          Winamp -> Playlist Editor -> Add button -> Add File/s
                          Use Ctrl key & left click to select as many files as you want.
                          Just remember to hold down the Ctrl key before you left click.
                          This way you don't even have to open any Explorer Windows.

                          Are we getting there yet?

                          btw, did you install v2.75 ?

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