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Post All Winamp 5.572 Official Plugin Bug Reports In This Thread

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  • Post All Winamp 5.572 Official Plugin Bug Reports In This Thread

    Report ALL Winamp 5.572 Plugin bugs in this thread ONLY.



    Here is a LIST of the Official Plugins and their Versions that shipped with 5.572

    Nullsoft AVI Demuxer v0.3 [in_avi.dll]
    Nullsoft CD Plug-in (MusicID 2.6) v3.91 [in_cdda.dll]
    Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder v1.07 [in_dshow.dll]
    Nullsoft FLAC Decoder v2.09 [in_flac.dll]
    Nullsoft Flash Control Playback v1.1 [in_swf.dll]
    Nullsoft Flash Video Decoder v1.4 [in_flv.dll]
    Nullsoft LineIn plugin v3.12 [in_linein.dll]
    Nullsoft Matroska Demuxer v0.5 [in_mkv.dll]
    Nullsoft MIDI Player 3.17 [in_midi.dll]
    Nullsoft Module Decoder v2.82 [in_mod.dll]
    Nullsoft MP4 Demuxer v2.0 [in_mp4.dll]
    Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder 4.9 [in_mp3.dll]
    Nullsoft NSV Decoder v1.2 [in_nsv.dll]
    Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder v1.56 [in_vorbis.dll]
    Nullsoft Waveform Decoder v3.18 [in_wave.dll]
    Nullsoft Windows Media Decoder 3.4 [in_wm.dll]

    DirectSound Output v2.49 (d) [out_ds.dll]
    WaveOut Output v2.12 (d) [out_wave.dll]
    Nullsoft Disk Writer Plug-in v2.14 [out_disk.dll]

    Advanced Visualization Studio v2.83 [vis_avs.dll]
    MilkDrop 2.2 [vis_milk2.dll]
    Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen v2.11 [vis_nsfs.dll]

    Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP v0.39b [dsp_sps.dll]

    CD Ripping Encoders:
    AAC/aacPlus Encoder v1.3 [enc_aacplus.dll]
    FLAC Encoder 2.1 (libFLAC 1.2.1) [enc_flac.dll]
    MP4 AAC/aacPlus Encoder v1.3 [enc_aacplus.dll]
    MP3 Encoder v1.35a [enc_lame.dll] (with lame_enc.dll 3.98)
    WAV Encoder v1.02a [enc_wav.dll]
    WMA Encoder v1.22a [enc_wma.dll]

    General Purpose:
    Nullsoft Global Hotkeys v1.7 [gen_hotkeys.dll]
    Nullsoft Media Library v3.27 [gen_ml.dll]
    Nullsoft Modern Skins Support v1.39 [gen_ff.dll]
    Nullsoft Music User Database v1.0 [gen_orgler.dll]
    Nullsoft Tray Control v2.4 [gen_tray.dll]
    Jump To File Extra v1.0.7.3 (Build 913) [gen_jumpex.dll]

    Media Library:
    Nullsoft Auto-Tagger v2.04 [ml_autotag.dll]
    Nullsoft Bookmarks v1.07 [ml_bookmarks.dll]
    Nullsoft Database Import/Export v2.1 [ml_impex.dll]
    Nullsoft Format Converter v2.4 [ml_transcode.dll]
    Nullsoft History v1.6 [ml_history.dll]
    Nullsoft Local Media v2.9 [ml_local.dll] (v2.91 available)
    Nullsoft Now Playing v3.8 [ml_nowplaying.dll]
    Nullsoft Online Services v1.65 [ml_online.dll]
    Nullsoft Playlist Generator v1.2 [ml_plg.dll]
    Nullsoft Playlists v1.17 [ml_playlists.dll]
    Nullsoft Podcasts v1.27 [ml_wire.dll]
    Nullsoft Portable Music Player Support v1.26 [ml_pmp.dll]
    Nullsoft Replay Gain Analyzer v1.07 [ml_rg.dll]
    Nullsoft Rip & Burn v1.8 [ml_disc.dll]
    Nullsoft Winamp Add-ons v1.0 [ml_addons.dll]
    Orb Remote Media v1.2.01 [ml_orb.dll] (post any issues here)

    Nullsoft Creative NJB Plug-in v0.54 [pmp_njb.dll]
    Nullsoft iPod Plug-in v0.76 [pmp_ipod.dll]
    Nullsoft Microsoft PlaysForSure Plug-in v0.8 [pmp_p4s.dll]
    Nullsoft USB Device Plug-in v0.8 [pmp_usb.dll]
    Nullsoft ActiveSync Plug-in v0.18 [pmp_activesync.dll]


    Provide the following Information with every Report,
    and with every CONFIRMATION of someone else's report:

    Winamp 5.572 ( - clean install (with NO 3rd-party plugins)
    Winamp Language Pack (if not using default English US)
    Skin: eg. Bento, Winamp Modern, Winamp Classic (or all)
    Windows OS, including Service Pack & Locale
    System specs (mobo, cpu, ram)
    Video Card, Video Card Drivers version
    Sound Card, Sound Card Drivers version
    DirectX version
    Plugin (and version) affected by/causing the bug

    A full, detailed, step-by-step method of reproduction

    If applicable, also include Error Logs and/or FULL Error Messages.

    The more information you provide US, the Faster we can or will help you.

    To reproduce some bugs, we may also need a link to a zipped sample file
    (eg. an .mp3, .aac, .wav, .mid file, etc, which exhibits the bug).
    You can use, or for uploading, and then post the download link here. Note, if you have a Junior Member status, then submitted url's will only be visible to admins/mods.

    If no-one responds, this does not mean that your report has been ignored. All posts are noted, even if no edit appears at the end of your post to say whether it has been reproduced or not.

    Do NOT report ANY 3rd-party plugin bugs/issues here.
    Report them to the author(s) instead and point them to the 5.55 SDK (more info)

    Maintained by DJ Egg

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  • #2
    Cannot batch auto tag files with no ID3 tag

    Media Library:
    Nullsoft Auto-Tagger v2.03 [ml_autotag.dll]
    will not update filenames not in ascii

    right click on them -> sent to auto tagger -> after they're recognized -> click apply
    for file that have no id3v1/v2, tag is not saved
    however, alt+3 -> auto tag, the new tag is added with no problem

    [Edit --> DJ Egg]
    I can't reproduce this with any of my unicode filename/tags sample files.
    We would need a link to a sample file which exhibits the problem.
    Last edited by moo.tinys; 28 February 2009, 07:26.


    • #3
      bad media menu rendered

      only reproduced with "media library uses same font as playlist editor" and "use skinned menus". it's arial i guess, in modern skin settings but i'm not sure, it's the default one

      [Edit --> DJ Egg]
      Hmm... weird. I can't reproduce this. Anyone else?
      Attached Files


      • #4
        It seems the bug I reported in previous builds is still there! Its the bug with replay gain values not being saved to m4a files & possibly other formats too.

        Previous post about the problem: Replay Gain Bug Report - Winamp Forum

        [Edit --> DJ Egg]
        The sample file you provided is actually a 3GP file.
        The issue is that no metadata fields are being saved for it, not just RG.
        If you'd reminded us sooner, e.g. during 5.55 public beta stage,
        then we might've looked into it again. But hopefully we'll be able to address it for the next release.
        I'm not sure about being able to save RG values for 3gp, but Artist, Album, Title, Genre & Year should at least be working...


        • #5
          Re: Cannot batch auto tag files with no ID3 tag

          i'm sorry, i corrected my reply but missed something.
          "will not update filenames not in ascii is" wrong while "for file that have no id3v1/v2, tag is not saved" is true.

          reproduce it the bug:
          alt+3 on a mp3 file, uncheck id3v1/v2 to delete the tag, press ok and save it to mp3, now no tags is in mp3

          1. no matter what, if you alt+3, click autotag, save -> ok, because winamp will always create/overwrite id3v1/v2 tag in this case

          2. id3v1 tag but without v2 tag in mp3 file. rightclick->send->autotag->apply, -> only id3v1 tag is "updated", v2 tag not created
          3. id3v2 tag but without v1 tag in mp3 file. rightclick->send->autotag->apply, -> only id3v2 tag is "updated", v1 tag not created
          4. no id3v1 nor v2 tag in mp3 file. rightclick->send->autotag->apply, no tag is is "updated" cuz there's no tag. they're not created


          • #6
            Re: bad media menu rendered

            Originally posted by moo.tinys
            only reproduced with "media library uses same font as playlist editor" and "use skinned menus". it's arial i guess, in modern skin settings but i'm not sure, it's the default one

            [Edit --> DJ Egg]
            Hmm... weird. I can't reproduce this. Anyone else?
            it's easy to reproduce, reinstall it so it goes back to default setting, or ensure the following settings:
            1. uncheck "General preferences" -> playlist -> "use skin or language pack font", and use font "Arial"
            2. check "media library uses same font as playlist editor"
            3. check "use skinned menus"
            i'm sure it's arial font that cause the problem
            playlist use font arial -> "media library uses same font as playlist editor" -> "use skinned menus" -> and now the menu is using arial font

            i can't read korean characters (shown as squares/rectangles) with arial font btw. it's fine with "use skin or language pack font" enabled, which let skin fall back to simsun


            • #7
              Hmm, although I still can't reproduce the problem when using plain Arial font (I see just squares instead of eg. Japanese chars), you don't want to be using Arial for Unicode support. You'd need to use a font like Arial Unicode MS instead.
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              • #8

                ...since Winamp version 5.55, I can not use Advanced Visualization Studio v2.82 anymore. Each time I try to start it, it crashes Winamp. I'm pretty sure (not 100%, maybe I skipped one or two versions) that the previous version of Winamp didn't show that behaviour and started that plugin (though I don't know which version of the plugin was included with the previously installed version of Winamp)


                P.S.: I wish I knew how to provide more information (crash reports, log files, mini dumps, etc.), but I don't know where to look for additional info...
                I'm using the BigBento Skin...that's the only special thing that comes to my mind - so, how to provide more (useful) info?


                • #9
                  Version: Winamp 5.551 (Mar 9 2009)
                  Skin: Winamp Classic
                  OS: Windows 7 b7022 x86
                  System Specs: ASUS Board, Athlon X2 6000+, 4gb (only 3.5 usable, obviously)
                  Video Card: GeForce 8800 GTX, NVidia drivers from 1/19/2009
                  Sound Card: Onboard, dunno
                  DirectX Version: 11
                  Plugin: gen_ml 3.26 I guess?

                  When I click on the Local Media>>Audio, all the song listings go bold as if I was low on memory. I rebooted and the problem still persists. Other skins work fine (Modern and Big Bento).

                  This wasn't a problem in 5.54 or whatever I just upgraded from.
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                  • #10
                    Same details as above, but the problem-plugin is one of the following:


                    This has been an issue ever since the pmp_* plugins came out. When syncing with my Creative Vision M, Winamp will try to copy songs over that already exist on the player.

                    I found it reported here as well:

                    Howzit....Whatzit...what tha...? How to tune up, and keep your Winamp player humming along. Search this Forum to find others who have driven down your road and have advice and tips to help you out.

                    You can see by the screenshot I attached that it's not just files with special characters like "/".

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                    • #11
                      Langdon: Windows 7 is Beta software and not supported here.

                      Please check if any of your issues are reproducible under Windows XP/Vista too otherwise your bug report is invalid.

                      Also check/let us know what your settings are in Prefs -> Portables -> [Creative player] -> Sync tab
                      (be sure to scroll all the way down).
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                      • #12
                        The bold issue doesn't reproduce on XP, and I don't have access to a Vista machine, sorry.

                        My Sync settings:

                        (o) Update selected playlists only (none are selected)

                        Podcast sync is turned off.

                        [x] Update all songs from my Local Media Library

                        Query: type=0

                        Auto-Sync is turned off.

                        Also, I'm not sure why the URL I posted just shows "URL submitted by user", but here's the other report of my problem:


                        • #13
                          bug in AVS 2.82 self problem as in this Thread post

                          nothing is fixed...
                          please reupload in the next package the old AVS 2.81d

                          i think since AVS go to Opensource this project is dead.

                          sorry for my bad english



                          • #14
                            Winamp 5.551 ( - clean install (with NO 3rd-party plugins)
                            Problem occurs in All Skins
                            Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
                            Mother Board: XFX nForce 780i 2-Way SLI
                            Video: GeForce GTX 280
                            DirectX version: 10

                            problem associated with vis_avs.dll [v2.82]

                            Winamp Crashes (Only Windows Error Message Shown) on certain AVS visulisations (Both official release and user made).

                            Further investigation shows that any visulisation that attempt to set or get to the Mega Buffer (megabuf(n)) or Global Mega Buffer (Gmegabuf(n)) immediately halts the winamp interface. Oddly enough, although all controls in the AVS editor and Winamp Interface freeze, music continues to play normally.


                            • #15
                              Winamp Crashes (Only Windows Error Message Shown) on certain AVS visulisations (Both official release and user made).
                              Little Correction:
                              Winamp crashes on almost EVERY Visualisation!

                              Download AVS 2.81d