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Winamp seems to cause a fatal error in Windows 7

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  • Winamp seems to cause a fatal error in Windows 7

    I have had 2 instances in 2 days of my system locking up when I was interacting with Winamp. The first time it occurred, I was using the right click function to edit the text of a recently added bookmark. The second system lock up occurred when I inserted a audio CD and made Winamp the default player. I waited 5 minutes on each lockup to see if they would clear with no success. I hope it's corrected soon. I've always used Winamp, and I'd hate to have to find a different player right now. I'll wait till the next update before I risk it again.

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    Windows 7 is not supported by Winamp currently. Though plenty report using it with out incident, so as always make sure you do a complete uninstall and reinstall with no third party plugins.
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      I think I can recall having a similar experience with Vista, but it was at least 3 weeks ago. I could be mistake in that case. While most applications aren't officially listed to work with Windows 7, virtually everything seems to. I just thought I'd point out a potential bug that might happen in the Windows 7 retail version.


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        I have reproduced this problem many times and found out this issue is related to disc image emulator. I tested with Daemon Tools and PowerISO. They both cause winamp to crash when I right click the playlist and point to "send to:"...Please solve asap.

        I have to close Daemon Tools everytime when I use Winamp to avoid crashing.


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          You might have a point there. I don have Magic ISO, and Daemon Tools installed. So is Winamp trying to access them as though they are real drives, and crashing the system? I didn't see that one coming. I'll try uninstalling, and try to cause a crash doing the previous actions. If it doesn't crash, then I guess you're right. We shall see.


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            I don't think the problem is because image emulators, I have none and just had a similar problem:

            I'm using an HP tx2635us Tablet PC with Windows 7 RC 7100 x64 installed, the one and only media player I use is Winamp and never had a single problem, but when I tried to listen an audio CD, the PC just hanged and went unresponsive, neither the oldschool ctrl-alt-del trick worked.

            I restarted, then disabled the "Use sonic engine when possible" and now tried again to play the audio CD, but the tablet pc went unresponsive once again. I repeated the operation by enabling/disabling the "Enable digital audio extraction when possible", "Sample input from soundcard" and "Music ID" from the Nullsoft CD Plugin options, and the problem persisted.

            So, must be something else.


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              Alas I haven't had the time to test any new configuration changes. I just stopped using Winamp for the time being while using Windows 7. I'm sure they'll (hopefully) clear up the problem by the retail release on Windows 7. Have a good day.