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Enable SHOUTcast title support option issue

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  • Enable SHOUTcast title support option issue

    I got a new computer, a Dell Optiplex 360 with a sound card SoundMAX Integrated and Windows Vista. The first thing I did is install Winamp. Everything works ok except when I try to listen any SHOUTcast stream. The sound fails (for a short time) everytime in a regular interval, like a scratched CD. If I disable the option "Enable SHOUTcast title support" in the plug-in in_mp3.dll the problem disappears.

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    usually that is related to a faulty firewall program interfering with Winamp's traffic. Especially McAfee.
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      This makes sense, but I lost four hours to solve my problem. This is because I am persistent and do not quit. If is a firewall, I believe that have a lot people with same problem. (and Windows Media Player works fine)