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Winamp v2.75 + shoutcast 1.8.0w32 100% CPU Utilization problem.

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  • Winamp v2.75 + shoutcast 1.8.0w32 100% CPU Utilization problem.

    Winamp 2.75 when run all by its self generally consumes > 1% CPU. This is a good thing! However, when I startup the shoutcast server and use the winamp dsp shoutcast plugin to stream at 96kbpsx32kHz = 11kB/s second stream, the CPU utilization gradually, over a period of several minutes, consumes 100% CPU and then causes the stream to jitter and break up.

    I figure this isn't normal, even for a cable modem user who's upstream is capped at 45kB/s. I'm running a pIII700@700, 196MB PC-100, Windows2000 Pro+sp2 and latest drivers.

    If someone could please help me out here I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    T6. SHOUTcast makes my CPU work at 100% (only for Windows)?

    Certain programs have conflicts with SHOUTcast. Most notably is a program called WebHancer. Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall WebHancer if it is there and your problem should be gone. If the problem persists people have reported other problems with Spyware. Find a copy of Ad-aware and run that to remove another spyware that maybe causing problems. (NOTE: Do NOT remove WebHancer with Adaware because it has been reported that it will render your network connection useless. The safe way to remove Webhancer is through the Add/Remove Programs dialog in the Control Panel.)

    [Edited by DJ-Egg : 19th Jan 2002 : Ad-aware link added]


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      My most sincear thanks for your help in resolving the 100% CPU utilization problem. As it turns out, WebHancer was installed on my machine and has since been removed. Thanks for the warning about using the uninstaller vs manual deletion as I'm prone to do that.

      I can't thank you enough for your time in helping me out. wanna beer?

      And thanks, forum operators, without this resource I would have NEVER thought about WebHancer!



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        Apart from Spywares... if you continue having this problem....

        Hi everyone....

        I don´t know if this method could solve your problems, but in my case, seems to be the solution.
        I´ve been fighting preventing winamp with shoucast source plugin to grow up (eating memory) and eventualy, crushing your server. Like myself, some people discovered that the problem appears when you put "play" in your winamp, and not when you load the shoucast server.
        After days of thinking, I came up with an apparent solution, however I can´t warranty that this will solve YOUR problem.

        My Server:

        PII 350
        256Mb of Memory
        Windows 2K Advance Server with SP2
        Motherboard QDI Legend III
        Audio Crystal Sound Board (internal with motherboard)


        First, I downloaded a Radium MP3 pack, (this will help you) and installed it. When you finish this, check in the audio codecs and you will have 2 equal codecs. Delete the old one.

        Second, I put the output plugin to Nullwinamp(you won´t hear the music but it will be broadcasted anyway) and turn off the visualization mode.

        Check that you don´t have any extra pluggin or spywares....

        Now, just load your favourite list of music and start broadcasting.
        Remember that you won´t hear anything... Just go with a friend and tell him to connect to your radio. (or if you have more than a computer as I have, just use the extra computer to check your radio)

        I watched in the Task Manager, that Winamp now is working well... However, I noticed that the consumption of memory can change.. eventually grow... and then go down.... but it won´t start eating 4 Kb each second... (tip: Minimizing Winamp will help you if you don´t have too much memory in your computer)

        Well, I hope this would help you, because Nullsoft seems to forget that Every single person have rights to have Shoutcast working... ^_^U
        As I said before, this is an alternative solution, and If I have to be honest, I don´t like it very much. So I will continue working to find a way to REALLY solve this problem.


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          So, you're using an older version of Shoutcast DSP then?
          The latest version doesn't use Windows/Radium MP3 codec (L3CODECA/L3CODECP.ACM), it comes complete with LameEnc.dll.
          Make sure you have the latest versions of Winamp, Shoutcast DSP Source and DNAS. There's no point in reporting bugs in older versions here, or posting potential fixes for them either.

          Also, seeing this is a crosspost, this thread goes bye bye.

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