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lyrics3 displayed as id3v2 title. Bug or feature? :)

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  • lyrics3 displayed as id3v2 title. Bug or feature? :)

    Hi everyone.

    Is it possible that winamp has problems dealing with lyrics3 tags? Because I just noticed this weird behaviour:

    This is the very end of a .mp3 file with a lyrics3 tag ( ) followed by an id3v1 tag identified by the 3 letters "TAG" (and merely denoting the artist as "Waldeck"):

    And this is how winamp displays the tags:

    What you can see is, that winamp displays the id3v1 tag correctly. So far so good. However the .mp3 file in question here does not have an id3v2 tag (I could upload a screenshot of the beginning of the file, too, but it would take up a lot of space here). Winamp seems to agree, because the checkbox for id3v2 is disabled, but you can see that winamp reads the content of the lyrics3 tag at the end of the file ("this isn't maybe (mushroom dive's lo fly push up") and used it as the id3v2 title.

    Is this a bug?
    Or a "feature" ?
    Now I can imagine what devs will say, obviously ... but I'd be looking forward to a straightforward answer, thank you.

    PS: Sorry, I don't have the latest version of winamp and am unable to install it at the moment, but I wanted to submit this issue nevertheless.

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    Yes, that's how old versions of Winamp used to display Lyrics3 tags,
    i.e. if there was no id3v2 tag then it'd show Lyrics3 tags as greyed-out values in the id3v2 fields of the editor.

    However, things have changed recently, and you'll find that in 5.572 there's separate ID3v1, ID3v2 & Lyrics3 tabs in the File Info Editor.

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      Hi DJ Egg,
      thanks for your answer and I'm very sorry for the unnecessary fuzz then ...

      (somehow I was so sure that nobody else besides me would have been picky enough to notice such a small detail )