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inconsistent m4a (mp4) tag handling

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  • inconsistent m4a (mp4) tag handling

    ok, i'm not certain this is a bug... however...

    i have a handful of m4a files. in winamp, they all show a value in the "album artist" column.

    however, in the newer mp3tag versions, the column for %albumartist% does not work for some of the files.

    if i check "extended tags" on the files, i see that some m4a files have:


    those don't work in mp3tag. while others have:


    and those do work.

    this suggests to me that winamp will use either/or when reading/writing. what i mean is that if it finds a "band" field in the m4a, it will use that for its own winamp DB. i'm not certain tho that it didn't also create some of them, b/c i think i made some AA entries "fresh" with winamp.

    in any case, i think this is improper. winamp should not use either/or. it should use ONLY "ALBUMARTIST"

    can Egg, DrO, or anyone shed some light here?
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