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pmp_ipod Alphabetical Sorting Issues

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  • pmp_ipod Alphabetical Sorting Issues

    I've used ml_ipod for years, even after the release of pmp_ipod, because the first time I tried pmp_ipod it refused to sort my songs in alphabetical order. I've grown increasingly annoyed with ml_ipod's bugs, so I updated to decided to see if pmp_ipod had improved in the meantime.

    It hadn't.

    While the interface is much better and transferring songs is a lot easier, as well as faster, the alphabetical sorting issue has not gone away. Songs are put into big lumps with no seeming logic to them on the main 'Songs' listing on the iPod (a 4th gen Nano). While I am able to force the songs to sort by opening iTunes up and letting it recognize and choose to manage the iPod, I don't want to have to open iTunes every time I put new songs on - I used ml_ipod specifically to avoid iTunes.

    There have been many threads about this issue over the years, some of them quite recent. Near as I can tell, none of them have been answered. Is this an unreproducible bug that only affects a small fraction of users? If so, I would at least like some indication of the nature of the problem, so I know whether to stop hoping for a fix or not.