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"CD drive in use" when Send To->Format Converter

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  • "CD drive in use" when Send To->Format Converter

    Just got Winamp Pro so I could rip CDs, and ran into this...
    Winamp ought to stop the playback of the song if I am playing from CD right before I select Send To->Format Converter in the Playlist. Right now it will pop up a message box about "CD drive in use" *for every track I've selected*, and really, it could remedy this by stopping playback.

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    Errr... so you are trying to rip a CD that is already playing? And you are surprised that Winamp is telling you that the CD is in use?

    I think it sounds to me like Winamp is working correctly as it is telling you why it cannot carry out the action you are requesting as it is busy doing something else.

    Meanwhile... you will find you can rip easier if you click on the CD Recorder link in the left hand panel and then just use the Rip options from within that window. Default rip settings can also be configured here.