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Winamp not saving settings; tried everything

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  • Winamp not saving settings; tried everything

    I've had Highly Experimental, SNESAmp, and Not So Fatso for the longest time, and I have been seeing that I cannot get any of these to save the "Play Indefinitely" option when I close Winamp (it's called "Play Indefinitely" on Not So Fatso, but it's called different names on each plugin though they do the exact same thing: prevent the track from stopping until you click stop).

    Going through the ways to fix this problem, I have gone through the steps (I don't have Windows Washer installed on my computer). I've checked off Read Only on all relevant folders (even the %appdata% one), checked any other third party plugins (the only other one other than the above was Milkdrop), and did a clean install of Winamp.

    When I did the clean install, I then reinstalled SNESAmp, which STILL refused to save the option. Going through the other steps again, other than the clean install, did not fix this issue. Hoping that it was just a glitch in that particular plugin, I went and tried NSF, as well, which also refused to save the option. To check to make sure it wasn't affecting any other plugins, I checked off a few random options on the Nullsoft CD Plug-in, one of the before installing NSF and SNESAmp, and another after the fact. Both times, the CD Plug-in saved these settings (the first option was with me not having to remove Read only off of anything). Also, I checked the other settings in these two plugins, and they two will not keep the settings

    From this, I have came to the conclusion that this is definitely something in Winamp, since it's highly unlikely that two separate plugins made by two different people would have the exact same issue. The Nullsoft plugins have nothing wrong with them, but it seems like Winamp isn't playing nice with these types of plugins that allow playback of game music files.

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    all 3 of those plug-ins have not been updated to use the location Winamp provides for plug-ins (as is used by the native plug-ins) to save their settings in to.

    they all attempt to save the settings into Winamp\Plugins\plugin.ini which as you seem to be using Windows 7 (based on your post in January) does not normally allow programs / plug-ins to write to that folder unless you are running as an administrator and have run Winamp explicitly with that access.

    for SNESamp you can use which will correct issues with the saving.

    for the other two, there's little chance of Highly Experimental being updated and i think the same applies to NotSoFatso. for them, you'd be best running Winamp once as an administrator, set things, close Winamp and then start it as normal.

    either way, it's all of those plug-ins just not being properly updated to work with api's which have been provided by Winamp since at least 2002 to purposefully cope with such changes which were come with the newer versions of Windows.

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