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Winamp Library Playlist Keyboard Selection Bug

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  • Winamp Library Playlist Keyboard Selection Bug


    I have had this problem for quite a while, and after trying to Google for a solution, I ended up registering to report it:

    I have around 30 playlists in my library. When I click on one and press enter (or double click it), it works as intended and starts playing. But if I use the arrow keys to move between playlists and then hit enter, it plays the playlist I first clicked on. The focus does change between playlists, and even if I press del to delete one, it deletes the one its focused on, as it should. But, as I said, if I press enter, it plays the one I selected by clicking.

    I can only switch between playlists by double clicking (or by selecting with one click and then pressing enter).

    Does anyone know of a solution or have this problem too?

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    Winamp version ?

    is this via the list for the playlists node, or in the library tree, or some other part of Winamp ? might be easier to provide a screenshot and highlight where you're doing what you've described.
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      I'm using 5.64 on windows 7 64bits.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	ScreenShot 61 28.06.13 07-34-40.jpg
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      I just noticed (sorry) that it always plays the playlist that the mouse cursor is pointing at. So, for example, if the mouse cursor is over the first playlist, regardless of which playlist is highlighted, and I hit enter, the first playlist plays. Also, if I move the cursor to another one, without clicking, and hit enter, the one I just moved to plays. This happens in the whole library tree, not only playlists (I think that's its name).


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        ok, will look into it in the coming week. though would also be good if you can provide a info report (see and attach the output to this thread.
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          Alright, I will. Thanks.


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            Here's the info report: Winamp_Info_Report_28.06.2013.txt

            I checked the Information Required When Posting thread but I don't think there is anything else important to mention. I made a clean install but it didn't fix the problem. It also doesn't seem to have anything to do with skins (I got some, and the bug happens in all of them). If I remember correctly, this has happened since I started using Winamp in this computer. First I thought it was related to being unable to drag and drop a song from a playlist to another, but that seems to have been fixed in this version.

            If I missed something tell me, otherwise I'll just wait for news. Thanks again.


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              ok, have just followed the steps and am to replicate it against any part within the library. hopefully it's something simple when i start looking at the code responsible for handling the 'enter' action on the library nodes.

              i needed to see an info report just to make sure of a few aspects i.e. rule out it being a language pack related issue (as i see you installed the es-us version but it's not used which helps me to make sure i'm testing against a comparable setup). so it's helped confirm what you've said and that i was testing against the same OS to help rule out being an OS related issue.
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                the next 5.7 beta build should have this fixed (is working consistently now for me) and seems like it's been that way ever since the internal handling of the library tree was re-worked around v5.3 (so ~8 years ago).
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                  Whoa, that's a looong time ago, I wonder how no one else had reported it. It's a little strange because it used to work well in my last laptop around two years ago, although that laptop was 6 years old or so.

                  Good to see it apparently was something simple. Looking forward for 5.7 then. Great support by the way.