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Slow transfer to USB flash drive solution

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  • Slow transfer to USB flash drive solution

    Hey guys,

    First off I would like to say thanks for offering such a great program for free without completely crippling it's functionality.

    One thing I've noticed of late is that the USB transfer speed is very slow, even with a USB3 connection.

    The reason I believe this is happening is because winamp is not pre-buffering the files from the hard-drive into the RAM, but rather waiting for the USB stick to ask for another part of the file before it tells the HDD to access it.

    I came across this notion because I found if you pause the transfer, and then resume it, the first and sometimes second file will transfer at 10x the speed it usually does, as the drive has buffered the data. Then it goes back to being slow again.

    A possible hotfix could be to make the transfer constantly pause and resume but I admit this sounds messy.

    However if you can make winamp cache the files before transferring them to the drive I think the bottleneck will be removed and transfer speeds will be at a more acceptable level.

    If this bug is fixed I will definitely be purchasing Pro, the reason I haven't purchased it yet is because I have not been satisfied with the config layout and transfer speeds of the Portable Devices component of Winamp, which is a necessity for me if I want to copy music onto a USB to use with CDJs.

    Thanks again and I hope this information is helpful.

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    P.S. I am using Winamp 5.65