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Metadata (track data) does not show up in Windows 7

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  • Metadata (track data) does not show up in Windows 7

    For this problem I found out that it is your ID3v2 tag that is the problem, initially. To fix this problem you just uncheck your ID3v2 tag and click OK. If you have your mp3 folder open you should see your data appear, but since ID3v1 tags can not contain long names some names might be cut off. You're in luck though them ID3v2 tags can now be used again just check the ID3v2 box and put in the information, then click ok and boom there ya go. Least that is what worked for me, hope it works for you all

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    that is incorrect.

    id3v2.3 works just fine with win7. u do not need v1 at all. v2.4 does NOT work with windows and is likely what issue u had.

    mp3tag is the best way to fix it.
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