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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error

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  • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error

    Hi !

    I've had this problem with Modern skins on both my laptops: if I try to "play" 2 Modern skins one following the other, I have this "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error" show in the takbar on my Winamp icon + a window on the screen saying "Microsoft Runtime Error". Winamp crashes, and usually I've to reboot my computers. It happens with ALL the cPro skins and the old Modern skins such as Invicta, GrayZ, etc.... It does NOT happen with the .wal skins that have the rectangular shape of a Classic skin.
    The only way I can play several Modern skins is to play a Modern Skin, followed with a Classic Skin, then a Modern skin, etc...
    I have the latest Winamp 5.666 Build 3516, but it was already the same mess over a year ago with previous and any version of Winamp.
    I have downloaded the special plugin for Modern Skins,and the Skin Manager, to no avail.
    Please help. Thanks.

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    This is a known problem that some users have. There is no solution at this time, other than to do what you're doing. What special plug-in for modern skins are you talking about?
    Winamp v5.9.2.10042 - Quinto Black CT v3.8 skin
    Windows 11 Home 64-bit v22H2 desktop - Logitech Z906 5.1 speaker system