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  • Samsung Galaxy S7

    [ keywords: "Winamp 5.666", "Galaxy S7" ]

    Greetings, and apologies in advance if this is already posted somewhere (obviously, I am an idiot since I couldn't find it with the Winamp Forums Search Engine),

    I just got a Samsung Galaxy S7. I would like to sync to it, but I am having the following issue.

    I can't sync FLAC files to the SD card, even though the format is supported by the phone. If I transfer to the phone, it works. Because it's connected via MTP and not disk drive (that option is not permitted), I cannot get to the appropriate menu entry to tell it to allow FLAC transfers to the SD card.

    Sometimes Winamp crashes when I try to even access the devices (internal/SD).

    I would gratefully appreciate ANY insight into this. I know it's a new phone, so the Android Plugin or MTP Transfer code might be out of date. In any case, there really needs to be something SOMEWHERE that will let me write my files in FLAC format to my SD card.

    Alternately this turns into a four-step process and I just use Winamp to listen to music on my desktop machine

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    You should bring it to store where to buy


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      Yeah I think there is probably another program other than Winamp that would work specifically for this.