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Winamp crashes when playing files over network

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  • Winamp crashes when playing files over network

    When creating a playlist from over the network (via a mapped drive) winamp becomes unresponsive and crashes on my computer. I think the problem is that when I load a directory in the playlist, I am actually loading a drive (MP3s stored on the root of the u: drive, which is actually the E: drive of the computer they are physically on). I get a message box saying that e: doesnt exist or is not available, but e: infact is the physical drive on the other comp, not the network mapped drive on my local computer. WinME is my machine, win2k on the remote machine.

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    I have exactly the same problem in 2017, while playing songs on Windows XP that are shared from a computer with Windows10.
    After 2-3 songs Winamp stop responding and I have to restart it.
    Also it has this behaviour if I play video files, after 2-3 video files played Winamp became unresponsive.
    Winamp Version is 5.666 3516