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Metadata Reading "flashes" positions from the list

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  • Metadata Reading "flashes" positions from the list

    I have the

    Options > Preferences > Titles > Metadata Reading > Read metadata in the background when file(s) are loaded into Winamp or are played or viewed in the playlist editor (default)

    feature enabled

    And so when I load up my 18 000 files, they are red one by one, as I can tell by the changing numbers below the list [indicating the overall time needed for playing them]. But apparently what that does in addition are the unwanted and annoying "flashes" in the Playlist Editor window- data [text] from files on the list disappear for a split second and then comes back. If the window is collapsed and there is place for only something like 7 songs [because that was the optimal visibility, set among my settings], those "flashes" seem to appear at a random intervals and sometimes a 5 second can pass between them. But in reality, they occur very often, which can be seen with the full long view of the Playlist Editor. I guess that every file that is read causes one "flash", of a random file seen on the list

    I call it a flash, but really nothing gets brighter. There is just a disappearance of tag data displayed by Advenced Title Formatting and it come back. And pure names of files do not seem to "flash", as I can observe it in the few first second of the process of filling the list with tags

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    It's still there

    [I have lost access to my old Worez account]