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m3u playlist no unusual characters - problem

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  • m3u playlist no unusual characters - problem

    Hi all,

    problem as mentioned in the subject line
    I have a workaraund for it but want to know where the problem is.

    steps to reproduce:
    - put some songs to a winamp playlist (some songs with äöüøå or similar unusual characters for example)
    - export playlist
    - copy songs + playlist to mobile phone (android)
    - open sony music app, open playlist
    - all songs with special characters are missing in the playlist.

    First I´ve tried to create m3u file with "Yar-matey!_Playlist_Copier_v1_12".
    Next I exported m3u file directly from winamp . (had to delete the full path of every song so that it can be played on another device) - both the same problem...

    Workaround1 is to open the m3u file with windows editor, safe with utf8 coding and copy to the mobile phone.
    Workaround2 ist to crate m3u playlist from windows media player and copy it to the mobile phone.
    But I´d like to know if it is a winamp or a sony music app problem. (if its sony i could write them a mail...)
    Any ideas??

    specs: win10, winamp5.666, sony xperia z3c, sony xperia m

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      Current Setup: Windows 10 Pro, Sound Blaster Z, Logitech Z-5500, Winamp v5.666.3516

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