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Very slow Winamp startup and broken skin after that.

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  • Very slow Winamp startup and broken skin after that.


    I have the following issue:
    When I start Winamp it takes quite a long time to launch. Like more than 2 minutes. (CPU usage ~10%)

    When startup process is complete and Winamp appears - the skin (i use bento) is broken.
    Its a mix of classic winamp skin and bento. I have to switch between skins to fix it.

    I've tried removing settings(deleting %AppData%\Winamp), reinstalling winamp (clean installation with no 3rd party plugins) and creating new windows user profile.

    Nothing worked.
    I am providing Process Explorer screenshots. I am not sure what info to provide to help debugging this issue.
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      I didn't understand what you are pointing me to see in this thread, but I decided to try an idea from there. I disabled all plugins by renaming the plugin directory. Then one by one I found the faulty one. Its ml_pmp.

      Its seems this is long known issue. Since 5.32.
      Looks like its related to to the amount of drives I have on my computer. I have a built in media card reader and I think the removable drive plugin is taking too long to check those out before opening Winamp.

      Maybe its worth investigating that if you want to fix it.

      Here is another thread with the issue explained:
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      Thanks. Now Winamp starts for 1 second.