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Winamp docked as toolbar gets partially obscured by maximized windows on Windows 10

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  • Winamp docked as toolbar gets partially obscured by maximized windows on Windows 10

    It seems than sometimes when I use ALT + Tab to switch between maximized windows of various software, my Winamp in the toolbar form starts to get it bottom obscured by some blackness [around 20% of it]. Overall it seems that the issue appears when too many software / windows are opened- but then again it can go away without me resolving to resetting of the system or closing and re-opening Winamp. And also sometimes it goes away partially- i.e. I switch 1, 2 or 3 windows of different software and there is no problem, but a 4th of 5th will bring it back. For now I do not see a pattern in that last behavior. And I can only suspected that a second reason might by a specific software, that somehow

    But when does start to happen there there are also exception when Winamp holds it visibility:

    A] If I switch for example only between e-mails that I write in Thunderbrid [which are opened as separate windows somewhat on top of the initial instance of Thunderbird]. This is probably true for any other software with many instances / windows because even my multiplied versions of Notepad2 [and even multiple instances of these versions], each with a separate and renamed EXE, do not interfere with Winamp when I switch only between them [but if I were to jump from Notepad2 to Thunderbird, or the other way around, then the problem wold most likely come back]

    B] If I use mouse pointer to select a window from Taskbar

    C] I open new software

    Also if then [when it is happening] I roll out my Winamp from toolbar to that old-normal-original appearance [Shade is it called?], it does not get such little blackness under any circumstances, no matter how many times I switch windows. But if I go back to toolbar form and start switching, the problem comes back as soon as even after first switch

    And when this does happen, to make it go away the only thing I have to do is to click my toolbared Winamp. But that "only" is a tedious and annoying task when I am working and constantly switching between windows. And also some windows when clicked back [like the one of Firefox in which I am writing this] brings back that issue- while at the same time some do not [like the one with e-mail in Thunderbird in which I check the spelling of this post]; so sometimes I can go back to what I was doing and see the info from Winamp but sometimes I do not [and have to revert to closing and re-opeing of Winamp to fix the view]

    The toolbar feature of Winamp is the main reason I use it, because it displays me vital info with my tweaked Advanced Title Formatting code- but now around half the time it gets obscured

    I am using Windows 10 Enterprise 18362 with Winamp 5.8. [And this was not happening on my previous set up consisting of Windows 7 x64 and Winamp 5.666]