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Commandline size limit

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  • Commandline size limit

    There seems to be an artifical limit on the size winamp can take as it's command line, I looks like is is around 1000 chars. .net apps can handle 32k so winamp should too. Attached is a test batch file [saved as .txt as the website doe snot applow me to upload a .bat file., you can see the truncation in the playlist even if the .mp3 files do not exist.
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    I won't run this code but I will try and help. Please provide a screen shot of the problem.


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      I just tested running Winamp at the command line with over 1000 characters and it worked fine.

      In a rush though and suspect Windows may be internally parsing the switches as one.

      Out of time. Hope this helps.


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        That this has anything to do with the fact that WInamp truncates data from e.g. tag field GENRE - i.e. when it something like [I guess] over 255 characters it starts to display >>(...)<< at the end?