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Media Library gets "blank".

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  • Media Library gets "blank".

    Media Library does something which have annoyed me for a while now. Considering that Winamp has been released after so long as a Release Candidate 1, it's still not fixed.

    When starting Winamp and then press ALT + L to open Media Library, the window is "blank" for no reason. To make it normal I have to choose something else on the left list and then back.

    Winamp didn't do this on earlier versions many years ago, but is this a normal behavior after a certain release before Winamp was shut down? (Blank) (Normal) (Classic skin)

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    May be this is the case?

    In my case this happens when I select one of the menu items 'All tracks by artist "..."' or 'All tracks from album "..."'
    But there is no action to clear this filter and I should either to change library view in Local Library pane (back and forth) in the left list to clear selected filter Or to select in the "Select Filters and Panes" (middle icon to the left of the Search textbox) the other or the same view.

    I noticed this behavior in version 5.8 and expected it to be fixed in future versions, but it didn't happen.
    I also want this to be fixed.
    Thanks in advance.


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      No issues on my end, is this only happening when you click on a DVD drive?
      Current Setup: Windows 10 Pro, Sound Blaster Z, Logitech Z-5500, Winamp v5.666.3516

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        I’m not quite sure what to say, but it seems so.

        I believe the problem is the Media Library-window itself doesn't behave or are freshing the window properly by the time I press ALT + L (or right click and then M.L. with the mouse) when it is selected on both DVD-drives. Becuase it becomes like this every time after a fresh start of Winamp.

        It might not be a bug at all, but just had this bizarre blank window for a looong time now.