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.aif files broken in new version

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  • .aif files broken in new version

    version 5.9 does not play my .aif / .aiff files, instead I get high pitched screeching sounds and then it crashes.

    Had to revert back to 5.8 where all my audio file formats play smoothly.

    Have tested with various playback devices and same result. I'm afraid the new version is already broken and we hope for a fix.

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    What's the file extension of these files? Is it .aif?

    It looks like the default extension list has changed in libsndfile v1.1.0
    (we were previously using a much older version in Winamp 5.8)

    Only aiff appears in the list now, whereas before it included both aiff and aif.

    Try adding aif to the Additional Extensions list in:
    Winamp => Prefs => Plugins => Input => Waveform Decoder => Config

    I added aif;aifc there and all my files with .aif, .aifc and .aiff extensions are playing ok.

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      Adding the extensions does fix the issue, however it does appear that if you have "allow 24bit" selected then the static will continue.


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        This was in 5.666 also - if you tick "allow 24bit" the 24-bit AIFF file gives you static. If you untick it the file plays. I have both AIF and AIFF extensions included. Does that mean all AIFF files go out 16bit?

        No problem with other formats. Recently decided to move from Wav to Aiff (due some Pioneer Rekordbox issue) and encountered this. Would love to have this solved as WA is still my fave player.


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          After clean install of latest 5.9.1 final for Win 10/64 the situation is the same. So AIFF file playback is supported 16-bit only? Please someone explain, is this "Allow 24-bit" ticking needed to get 24-bit playback?