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Winamp Question mark on songs and cannot play them

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  • Legendarion
    Does the file(s) itself (.mp3, .flac, etc.) have names?

    And/or have you also checked the "tag editor" (Shortcut: ALT + 3) if they can in case be typed wrong?

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  • MrSinatra
    sounds like an issue described in depth in another thread:

    What is Winamp? Why is Winamp? How is Winamp? All these burning questions and issues discussed within.

    Originally Posted by jvidal View Post
    No, I didn't edit the .m3u8 files, I just corrected the problematic names from within winamp, using the "edit playlist entry" option. after doing that, Winamp is able to play the files (and are displayed correctly in the playlists)

    And yes, that's what I meant, I haven't changed the names of the MP3 files.
    what would be great, is if you would PRESERVE a set of files, both the audio and the playlists, and put them in a zip before you attempt any fixes, so the winamp team can attempt to figure out and reproduce what is going on here. also please describe what locale and languages you use, skins, etc.

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  • Matteoki
    started a topic Winamp Question mark on songs and cannot play them

    Winamp Question mark on songs and cannot play them

    Some songs, mostly the ones with japanese characters appear with question marks when you restart winamp, the playlist has more than 1000 files

    Even trying to save the playlist as m3u8 doesn't fix it

    Some songs don't even play even if they seem fine.
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