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Wrong play order from NAS

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  • Wrong play order from NAS

    Hello everyone,

    This is one really very old issue. Users reporting this at least since 2005, yet after installing newest version I see it's still there, so... heavy nostalgic vibes.

    Anyway: Using context menu (right click on folder) "Play in Winamp" results in wrong play order. It happens only when playing from network storage drive (NAS).

    Using "Add DIR" button from winamp playlist and navigating to desired folder gives correct play order - again from NAS.

    Having turned on option "When adding multiple files sort by filename" has no effect.

    I do remember that users got quite deep into this bug and that problem was somehow related to the way how windows shell is feeding data from network drives to Winamp playlist.

    Anyway, since I play majority of my music from NAS, this is mildly infuriating. I have tested several other media players and they don't have this issue. But I am hardcore Winamp fan, so I would like this old boy to play in proper order as well.