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  • musicf8
    I would move back to 5.666 if it worked before. That being said, winamp always was hit or miss when I used it with my ipod. Winamp's integrated device management is essentially barebones and couldnt sync smartviews. ml_ipod, a 3rd party add on, was amazing but stopped working after 5.63.

    I find it easier to just manage my music in winamp (tags, ratings, etc). and if I need to sync then I use MusicBee (portable) as it seems to sync better and have more abilities (i.e. live updating playlists)

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  • KennethDotsey
    started a topic Devices


    Installed Winamp This new 5.9 version and the player does not recognize my devices anymore My device shows in windows explorer but winamp does not allow me to view or see my device anymore Yhis new version does not allow devices but the music is under audio tab sad part is now I cannot add music to the device anymore Trying to go back to the older version of winamp which was flawless and compatable Windows 10 Dell Desktop Ipod Classic Trying to give all the information so someone might see what I am doing wrong