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Icons (explorer) is messed up

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  • Icons (explorer) is messed up

    So, there is a bug with the icons in explorer: you can't change the file type icon anymore (only the playlist icon...)I'm really anoyed by this little bug...

    In the winamp setting, the icons is like this:
    a) File Icon is mixed with the Playlist Icon (if you want to change one, you have to change the other)
    b) Only the File Icon can change (as it changes de playlist icon), the Playlist Icon (that changes the file icon), just wont change at all... nothing happens there

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    Personally, I used to have icon issues even with earlier Winamp versions too, what usually helps me is to re-initialize winamp by:
    1. renaming %appdata%\winamp folder to "winamp2"
    2. starting winamp, completing the "initial" setup again, during which it re-registers default icons
    3. deleting the newly created %appdata%\winamp folder and renaming winamp2 back to winamp

    I know it's a weird workaround, but it worked for me so far.
    I do hope some day they'll make a more convenient way of doing so.