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  • A few things....

    Now I don't know how much these qualify as bugs per say, but here it goes (I listed the first two on my wishlist for things to be fixed):

    1. The balance slider background should have double the amount of backgrounds available, OR have half of those backgrounds that are there now be for the left speaker and the other half for the right speaker, so that you can manipulate the slider background depending on the position of LEFT OR RIGHT, but not BOTH sides, as it is now.

    2. There seems to be a little problem with the layout of the WindowShade titlebar in titlebar.bmp, because one windowshade titlebar displays correct, but the other titlebar will have one pixel all the way accross from the other Windowshade titlebar. The only way I could fix this was to mask that portion out using regions.txt with the [WindowShade] option.

    3. The pledit.bmp file has an odd bitmap size for the slider background, which causes a problem in displaying correctly when you have intervals in the background. My slider background looks like this: line - space - line - space ...... and so on. Now the problem with an odd height is that the top is a line and the bottom is a line, whereas on even height would render the top space and the bottom line.

    I'll add more as I find more .


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    The problem is, if these problems get fixed from within Winamp, they will break all existing skins. You will have to overcome these hassles with clever macguyverism.