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Scrolling playlist with wheel mouse

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  • Scrolling playlist with wheel mouse


    I don't think this is a bug as much as a feature - maybe even undocumented? - but I've found that I can skip (next/prev) tracks with a wheel mouse under the following conditions:

    + Playlist editor open
    + Hover mouse over Taskbar
    + Scrolling the wheel will scroll the songs in the playlist editor
    + Now minimise the playlist editor
    + Scrolling the wheel will skip (next/prev) the songs in the playlist

    This will work and remain "active" as long as:

    + Winamp has the focus on the Taskbar
    + No Winamp windows (player, editor, EQ, etc.) have been given focus (i.e. clicked)

    Restoring/minimising the playlist editor will reactivate this feature if lost.

    It's turned out to be handy because I can use the wheel rather than clicking on the track buttons (especially when the winamp windows are in windowshade mode and the buttons are tiny), right-clicking and following the playback menu on the tray icon or moving my lazy hand to the keyboard to switch between tracks.

    Maybe this feature can be given a tweeking to be made available all the time, such as making the the tray icon recognise the scrolling of the wheel and switch tracks, therefore catching the cases where this doesn't work (where Winamp has lost focus or is minimised to the tray only)? Just a thought!

    Lastly, this has worked both on my Windows NT and 98 machines and with two different wheel drivers.


    - mike