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v2.80 freezes on win9x - round ][

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  • v2.80 freezes on win9x - round ][

    previously dealt here, here and here.

    be sure to read common bugz thread first, it contains solutions to most common problems people report here.

    First, update to v2.80a - uploaded 14th May
    (and YES, it IS still labelled v2.80, but it IS v2.80a, and this IS the one now available on; ask this again and get censored/deleted/banned)
    Second, install this patch (updated 05/15/2002; this is a temporary solution, these fixes will be included with the next Winamp version - v2.81 or whatever).

    if you still get the problem after the 2 steps above, do following things:
    - change output plugin to DirectSound (in preferences / plugins / output), this should fix the problem (but if it does, post here anyway to let us know that waveOut is still broken so we can fix it)
    - check what file types are affected (eg. if this affects only MP3s or other types (WAV, OGG, etc) as well).
    - post here and report full system specs, including sound card type and exact OS version.
    - Also include a list of any 3rd-party plugins installed (gen/output/input/dsp).

    If the problem persists with 2.80a with wa2update, even after switching to DS Output, you can downgrade to an earlier version here or here.
    Wait for 2.81 release before upgrading.

    Only post here if you have any useful info, eg. see Muzikmann's post below.
    Do NOT post here otherwise, eg. see Sheercomedy's useless post below.

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    freeze up

    I don't know a whole lot of tech stuff, but just wanted to let you know that I had the reboot freeze-up problem running 2.80a on WinME with ESS Maestro (I think?) device. It would, however, play streaming audio. The patch fixed the problem and it's all good now.


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      Thank You SO MUCH!

      I had no idea what was wrong with my WinAmp, I actually thought my Windows was breaking because, frankly, that's the case 99.99% of the time. Once again THANK YOU!


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        Tried Everything downgraded to v.2.73

        Nothing worked to fix v.2.80 (patches, changing plug-ins, uninstall-reinstall). So I downgraded to v.2.73, which was the oldest version I still had an installation file for. Works like a charm. Even cut and pasted the plug-ins folder that I saved from 2.8 to 2.73 and it still works. I'm running Windows ME (version 4.90.3000 ?) and onboard AC'97 sound. Here's what seems to happen with v.2.80. Start windows, everything runs as it should. Open winamp, press play, winamp locks up. ctrl+alt+del to close. Next explorer crashes. ctrl+alt+del to close that. Open winamp again, winamp works again after crashing itself and explorer. Hope that helps you all fix this problem. I'll hang on to 2.73 until 2.81 comes out.

        [email protected]


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          So you're actually using the latest plugins with 2.73, and there's no problems?

          It is probably the AC97 causing the problem - it's rubbish. you might solve the problem by updating it's drivers, or getting a proper soundcard

          Did you find a bug in Winamp? Can you reproduce it? Let us know, we'll try to fix it as soon as possible!
          lights out for darker skies # boinc team # tms


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            if it's not the plugins, i wouldn't blame AC97. this looks like something new. are you sure that old winamp.exe with new plugins works fine ?


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              Yeah, so, I tried everything, getting more and more frustrated by the amount of times I had to hit Alt Cnrl Del.... and nothing worked. So ive downgraded to 2.79, and im sticking with that. Im kinda disappointed that Winamp released 2.8 considering it is so full of bugs, but since the earlier versions are so excellent I will not pass too harsh a judgement. Looking forward to 2.81, and hoping all these annoying bugs will be sorted out by then.


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                sheercomedy: this forum is intended for people willing to give us useful info, you dont seem to belong to those. is my first post that difficult to understand ?


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                  Thanks a lot Peter, i had some trouble with winamp 2.80
                  on windows ME. Winamp was freezing all the time, but thanks
                  to you it seems fixed.

                  Keep up the good work!!!


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                    (thread censored)


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                      I had exactly the same problems like muzikmann. Winamp started but when I wanted to play a file, it didn't work. I installed the patch and now it works fine. But when I want to quit Winamp, there appears an error message saying that Winamp caused an error in kernel32.dll, when it plays and also when it doesn't play.



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                        OK, after reinstalling Winamp the bug described above was removed (Error messages while quitting). But with the deinstallation, Winamp has also removed all my wonderful wsz-Skins (The ones which have their own directory are still there). Can't you fix this in coming versions?


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                          WINAMP caused an invalid page fault in
                          module KERNEL32.DLL at 0197:bff7b094.
                          EAX=00000000 CS=0197 EIP=bff7b094 EFLGS=00000246
                          EBX=03150000 SS=019f ESP=006e8a5c EBP=00000000
                          ECX=e2af5da0 DS=019f ESI=030f4530 FS=14d7
                          EDX=bffbb490 ES=019f EDI=00460698 GS=0000
                          Bytes at CS:EIP:
                          a1 20 bd fb bf 50 e8 ed 90 fe ff ff 76 04 e8 25
                          Stack dump:
                          00460698 030f107e 030f4530 0315135c 004283f5 00000000 00000000 00000000 0041eba6 00000002 00000ecc 0041d9b8 00000000 00000001 00419124 00000ecc

                          Happens whenever I exit Winamp with the latest out_wave.dll.
                          Doesn't matter whether out_wave is selected, it still crashes.
                          Don't feel like uninstalling/reinstalling Winamp.

                          Windows ME
                          Dell Inspiron 8000
                          1 GHz Mobile Pentium III
                          plenty of RAM
                          ESS Maestro PCI
                          Winamp 2.80a with all the latest versions of your plug-ins.

                          Did I forget anything? I'm kinda out of practice.


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                            i assume that the crash goes away when you remove/shutoff out_wave, right ?


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                              What do you mean by "shutoff"? If I select a different output plug-in, it still crashes. If I replace it with the previous version (from 4/27/02), it stops crashing on exit, but then I'm stuck using out_ds.dll again, because the old version of out_wave.dll freezes Winamp for long periods of time (sorry, was too busy/lazy to report that when I first noticed it after 2.80 came out).