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  • Tonight was my first night on this forum and obviously in this thread. I started at page one at about 11pm, and just finished at 3:10AM. It was like reading "The Hobbit", I couldn't stop reading. Never have I enjoyed a forum thread as much as I have this one. And never have I seen nor heard of a programmer doing so much to make a program better, and listening to others suggestions and comments and then implementing them.....It is unheard of. I have to take my hat off to you DrO for your unbelievable skills, your tireless efforts in bringing about this addin program, for your sheer tenacity at making it the best it possibly can be and your willingness to listen to others without batting an eye. You sir should be enshrined not only in the Winamp hall of fame but in the programmers hall of fame.
    I don't know your background, where you are from, what you do for a living or anything but I know I would like you immediately if we were ever to meet in person.
    I have not used your program yet, as I have just finished the thread and downloaded your latest version (of all of your addins, programs, whatever by the way) but I am so looking forward to it.
    I have been a user off and on of Winamp since its inception and I have to say that with 5.0, I will not leave it again. As far as I am concerned it is the best version ever and despite what others may say, I like the new look and the ML. It has drawn me away from Musicmatch for good.
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, DrO that I thoroughly am glad I found this thread. You and all of the other posters here have made my entire night worth staying up for. And as soon as I try out the program hopefully I will have something worthy of reporting to you. This is long and winded and I apologize to all for that, but I just had to get it off my chest now having gone through the entire thread......Thank you all!

    By the way, love all the avatars! Can someone tell me the size they are supposed to be.......or is that for another forum?


    • Well I'm certain that both DrO and the late J.R.R. Tolkien (wherever he may be - probably in Valinor with the Elves that departed Middle Earth) will appreciate all you've just said.

      Re: Avatars - the maximum size of your custom image is 50 by 50 pixels or 20000 bytes (whichever is smaller).

      Change avatar in My Control Panel > Edit Options

      Happy Winamping!

      I see in your profile that you are a Disabled Vet. So am I - US RA - 67th Signal Battalion, Forscom, HQ Company
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      • @disabledvet: welcome to the thread and thanks for the appreciation (makes it all worthwhile seeing other people get enjoyment from what i do).

        @Furan: f3 does work (tested under 2.91 and Winamp 5 - most betas and rc versions)

        @GqSkrub: i know what you mean

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        • @Nunzio: Thanks! I was with the 101st Airborne Div, 265thRR Co., Bien Hoa and a whole bunch of not so fun firebases! Nice to see another Vet.

          @DrO: Thanks as well. I tried your new program for a limited amount of time early this morning and decided I needed to reread some of the earlier posts. While I did get it to work with one song, any time I tried more than one I couldn't get it to work and it crashed on me a few times. Probably me just not understanding the program that well. I hope in your v.1.0 that you will put in a help file for us nincompoops! Maybe after rereading some of the earlier posts I will get a grip on it.
          I like the premise though and will likely use it a lot. I have over 8000 mp3's so need something like that. Maybe the problem was I had all of them loaded into the playlist at the same time??? Anyway, will keep trying until I get the hang of it. Been some time since I used Winamp, so that may be part of the problem. Anyway, keep up the great work and keep us all posted on how it is going.

          By the way, using WinXP, 2.4ghz, 768mb ram


          • @disabledvet: Welcome to the thread, and welcome back to winamp. I can't imagine reading this entire thread from the beginning, since most of us have been "living" this thread for a couple months now.

            Your comments are well spoken and obviously appreciated, and shared by many...


            • v0.92f released

              hi people

              here's a little bug fix version from v0.92a (came a bit sooner than planned but will explain later)[list=1][*]rewritten the prefs page code (should be fine on WinME, etc now)[*]fixed a crash when using othe 'j' shortcuts[*]updateed prefs pages to Winamp 5 sizes (may back port to smaller ones though)[*]altered a few of the default options with a new install[*]selection set on text for the restore search option[*]added clear queue list menu option on the jtf view list (ctrl+click one)[*]fixed a few update issues[*]focus is set back to playlist when using 'q' (just found that modern skins ain't fixed )[/list=1]
              more fixes/updates will be coming over the next few days/week or two. main one is fixing a few internal queuing isses from the playlist at the moment.

              download v0.92f

              please report any *new* issues especially if the prefs code is working correctly now (hope it is).

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              • The "hitting close button when window is skinned crash" bug is still not gone is it?

                EDIT: My specs: Win98, WA 5.0, PII 350MHz, 160mb RAM, NVidea RIVA TNT2 model 64, Soundblaster Live! Value
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                • JTFE v0.92f...nice Christmas present!

                  Thanks Dro!


                  • Skinned Window Crash

                    I run WinME and experience a similar error to Dextro. An error in kernel32.dll and winamp.exe occurs when I close a JTFE skinned box. The preferences are fixed now too, by the way DrO. Thanks for that, and an otherwise excellent plugin!
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                    • @DrO: More (humble ) suggestions for your now infamous JTFE plugin:

                      1) Ability to find and "delete selection" from playlist (repeat request)

                      2) Ability to "expose or delete dead files". (I use 'Wincue' to do this now, but it also removes all previous played songs too which doesn't work for my application) Is there currently another plugin available, anyone?

                      3) Ability to "delete or remove duplicates" from playlist!

                      The JTFE plugin already does more than I had ever hoped for, and I realize these requests may stray too far from JTFE's original intent and main purpose. There are probably already good plugins that do my requests, but it would be nice to have it all in one if possible! (more options for "advanced user options"!)

                      Thanks again, DrO!


                      • Mmusicman, I think that the standart Winamp Media Library already dows those things, browse throught it a little

                        EDIT: ooops, forgot to say I was talking about the 2nd and 3rd sugestions


                        • 1) DrO has mentioned that he will include a function that selects a file without playing it, that would make it easy to do this manualy.
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                          • Re: Skinned Window Crash

                            Originally posted by jmatthews112
                            I run WinME and experience a similar error to Dextro. An error in kernel32.dll and winamp.exe occurs when I close a JTFE skinned box. The preferences are fixed now too, by the way DrO.
                            Hate to post a "Me too" but the WinME/skinned box error is there on mine too. (WinME, Winamp 5.01, PIII 866 with 128 MB of memory)


                            • i get the on close error too

                              Thanks for fixing the winME prefs issue though. Is there any way for a possible tabbing system like your prefs page has for all the different types of enqueing, since it seems like the time enqueing will be added shortly?

                              One tab for the search list, one for te enque list and one for the time stuff.

                              I just think it'd be pretty cool like that. The right click changing from search to enque list is a little awkward.

                              Excellent job.
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                              • Still crashes when exit from dialog - and when it's skinned! Win98!