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  • Features missing?

    Yay, my first message in the forum!

    Just checked out Winamp 5 RC8, not bad, indeed. But I'm still going to use Winamp 3 at home, despite of its numerous annoying bugs and ultimately slow loading times.

    Winamp 5 greatly resembles Winamp 2, except that it has CD Burning support and Modern skins. And it is not as comfortable to use as Winamp 3. Apart from those two new features, what else new has indeed been introduced in the new version of the greatest media player on Earth that I know?

    Well, for once I see that you have included a multiple-playlist feature. But only as a feature of the Media Library. What about the users who don't use it (like me)? In WA3 it was much more comfortable to use it, as it was just next to the playlist, and in no way connected to any media libraries. Why did you not make this in WA5 (or did I miss it?)

    Also, where did the great Enqueue/Dequeue feature from WA3 go? It was really nice to listen to a randomized playlist and then, from time to time, schedule some songs to be played in a row. This and the previous feature are mainly the only things that I see good in WA3 and why I still use it. (Otherwise it has COUNTLESS bugs).

    I had hoped that the new WA would bring together all the good features from WA2 (fast loading) and WA3 (multiple playlists, enqueue/dequeue/etc.) So far I hace seen only a bit upgraded WA2...


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    see the jump to file plugin in my signature - that will give you enqueue/dequeue (though not as neat as Winamp3 does/did).

    as for multiple playlists, i'm working on a plugin to give winamp 2.x and 5 a winamp3/wasabi player style playlist window though it's very on in it's development at the moment (which will eventually allow multiple playlists, etc).


    ps welcome to the forums, enjoy your time here
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      Winamp and Winamp3 are two different products.
      Winamp 5.0 is the direct upgrade from Winamp 2.9x
      So basically, the features you speak of have never been in Winamp.

      Winamp3 was built from scratch on the wasabi platform.
      The playlist was a wasabi component.
      Winamp (1.x, 2.x, 5.x) doesn't support wasabi components.

      Winamp3 is dead, but has been renamed to Wasabi Player and gone underground.
      Search the forums for more info.

      Start here and take it from there
      With the release of Winamp 5.0, Winamp3 is no longer being supported by Nullsoft. This thread remains read-only for legacy Winamp3 support. It is recommended that you upgrade to Winamp 5.

      What is Winamp? Why is Winamp? How is Winamp? All these burning questions and issues discussed within.

      Jump To File Extra plugin (also adds 'enqueue' function to playlist)
      Discussion | latest version | download

      The Winamp Media Library is totally different to the Winamp3 Media Library.
      More advanced & feature rich and then some.
      Just add the playlists to the library, then you don't even need to have the library window open to open any stored playlist via the playlist window.

      [edit] Go DrO, Go! lol [/edit]

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        That sounds nice I was already beginning to worry, that I would have to write my own player to get all the features I desire

        Woops, I just noticed that there is a "Winamp 5 WishList" topic too! I had to post this there! Well, no worries! Gonna do that right now



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          there's some good people round here Valts who will help you as best as they can (especially certain sleep deprived people )

          the multiple playlist request is already in the wishlist so you know

          @DJ Egg: fast moving threads are sooo much fun

          WACUP Project <‖> "Winamp Ramblings" - Indie Winamp Dev Blog


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            I have actually found the Media Library in Winamp 5 rc8 to be better than the playlist editor in Winamp3 or 2.91..only problem is, whlle it can be resized, it's almost too big at lower-than 1600x1200 resolution. everything is right there in front of you, easy access to mp3, video and internet radio and TV(although most TV stations don't work) it just needs to be set up the way you prefer it, which isn't too difficult.

            can't wait for the final version!
            (I also think DJ Egg has an automatic "Winamp3 is no longer being made or supported" script that runs every time someone asks about Winamp3)j/k


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              Yeah, it's a variable script . . . built to match the post, lol

              Soon, at this rate, all I'll have to do is paste a few links (to threads like this one)

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                I think that there are features that can be improved on winamp 5: as I wrote in the wish list topic, I'd like to see more complete commands in the fullscreen mode when watching videos. I prefer to see skinned commands (like WMP) instead of simple "fonts" for title, play, etc.


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                  DrO, do you have that plugin for winamp5 creating multiple playlist like in winamp3?


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                    hey now... don't revive dead threads, especially when the answer you want is clearly in another thread:
                    What is Winamp? Why is Winamp? How is Winamp? All these burning questions and issues discussed within.
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                      Forgive me if I'm being dim (and feel free to tell me so) but has anyone else noticed the 'always on top' option has disappeared?


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                        Just found it! Sorry for being a pain - I've only just installed Version 5 this morning. Glad it's more like Version 2 than 3 - never liked v3 anyway!