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  • WQXR - CBC Radio 2

    I've got Winamp 5.0 (very nice) and I don't have any problem playing the Internet Radio selections that are provided.

    But I'm at a loss as to how access Internet stations like the 2 above.

    Do I go to their web sites and pick as if I had Windows Media player installed? (doesn't seem to work).

    /Edit: this is the error I get when I add the following URL -

    [error synching to mpg]
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    Winamp3 is not Winamp
    /moved from the Winamp3 forum to the Winamp forum

    What websites? Links please.

    [edit] ok, you've provided one of the links now... back soon [/edit]

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      Please see the edited original message for an example.


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        Firstly, the radio stations listed in Winamp's Media Library are SHOUTcast streams, using the .pls playlist format.

        Of the streams you are trying to play, these are in Microsoft's proprietry Windows Media format, using .ASX playlists,
        and in RealPlayer's proprietry .RAM playlist format.

        Winamp does not natively support ASX or RAM playlists.

        You are getting the "error synching to mpeg" error
        because you are trying to open an html page in Winamp

        You need to open the streaming playlist in Winamp, not the html page which links to it.

        This is the WQXR "tune-in" page:

        On that page, you will find two direct links to streams:

        Real Player

        Windows Media Player

        For the RealPlayer RAM stream, you will need to install the Tara plugin.
        This also requires the RealEngine from RealPlayer 7/8 or RealOne to be installed, because it needs to use the RealPlayer codecs for it to actually work.
        With Tara plugin installed, you can then go into:
        Winamp -> Prefs -> Filetypes
        and make Winamp the default RA, RAM, RM player.
        And yes, you then need to click the relevant links on the relevant websites.

        As for the Windows Media Player streams, normally, you'd just right click the ASX stream url, select "save target as", save the ASX to your hard drive, then open it in Notepad, locate the actual stream url, which in this particular case is:


        and then copy and paste this mms:// url into Winamp's Open Location box.
        Yes, it's a chore.

        However, mms:// support is currently broken as from Winamp v2.90,
        including up to the latest Winamp 5.0rc release.
        So basically, I'm sorry, but you'll still have to use Windows Media Player

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          Well thank you Mr. DJ Egg - I've got quite a bit to absorb there.

          I believe I shall go the RealPlayer route to happiness - that is, continue to use Winamp but supply it with the codecs it needs.

          Thanks - John


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            I have trouble getting Winamp5 to play WQXR's ram-stream.
            The Tara plugin is installed and so is real one.
            I'd like to make W5 my default media player, but I just can't get it tp play my favotite radiostation.


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              I don't think the Tara plugin was ever updated to work with RealOne.
              The last version of RealPlayer codecs it works with is RP8.


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                so I should fint meself RP8 and kick realone out?
                or is there no way to listen the ram stream with winamp5?


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         can do it that way.
                  Get rid of RealOne.
                  Then get RP8:

                  When you install RP8, uncheck everything.
                  You don't need anything but the codecs.


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                    that worked out mighty fine
                    thanks for all the help


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                      Originally posted by inneedindeed
                      that worked out mighty fine
                      thanks for all the help